Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just the Facts, Just the Facts...

Your Help Is Needed,
No, Required…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO,
Tracometry Group of Companies.

Public cooperation has been lacking in the fight against crime, until the horrific bombing at the Boston marathon, on Monday April 15th, 2013.

Through video and photographs, law enforcement is now searching for  individuals.

The days of only the police being responsible for fighting crime is now over.

“We live in different times. The landscape and challenges have changed, everybody has a part to play in ensuring the country’s security,” said Nick Ashton, Founder/CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

It has taken decades to change the mindset of the public, tragedy, death and invasion of ruthless killers, has in an instance, changed how we can now move forward with additional crime fighting assistance.  This was not the way we wanted to have the public join us, but in this turbulent world of street crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, rape, murder, domestic and child abuse, the public must be involved in tackling crime.

"Criminals are color blind. They don't care about the victim's race, class or creed. They target anyone. They show no mercy on those they affect, plunder and kill.  That is why fighting crime has to be a collective effort," stated Ashton.

Despite efforts to get the public involved over the decades, cooperation was still lacking until Monday, April 15th, more mobile phone cameras clicked and documented the event of terror than ever before.  Social media took a great leap as a crime fighting tool, literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of images were captured of this event.

The public were there, the event happened next to them, they were part of the sad action and today, everyone has a camera in their hands.  Pre and post event digital information by the ton is now at hand and everyone was now the recorder of record. Social media from Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram and others, were the conduits of vital real time evidence. 

Different from the day of Sir Robert Peel, who, in 1829, formed the first police force in Great Britain.  Certainly there has been a mindset that the police are the only ones to fight crime and the public, in general, believed that only the police should be responsible for tracking the criminals.

Now after Monday’s event, the public understand the important role they can play.  This wake up call, although tragic, moves us in a very different direction.  It has its draw backs, one of which, is information overload.  That is where the Tracometry Group of Companies enters the crime scene.

Data and information grows exponentially daily and if not manipulated, becomes useless in hours.  Unconnected data silos are nothing more than expensive computer drives or file cabinets. Useless, to say the least!  Sitting collected data does nothing to solve crime.

The ability to search this data with sophisticated proprietary algorithmic software, developed, proven and successful, as a crime fighting tool, is vital and is not a dream, it has been in operation since the late 1990’s. In fact we have updated and created even more crime fighting tools, each and every year since.

Crime analytics, tracking, calls for service data and importantly, next event predictability are solution tools available to every crime fighting agency, worldwide.  Powered by BAIR Analytics, Tracometry Group of Companies, has vast expertise in this field and dominates the arena of crime solutions.

With social media being a data stream in its millions of characters, it is impossible for any single human being to know what the “chatter” of the day is.  We can, by analyzing each and every word that is “thumbed” by all, looking for common denominators, patterns and systemic themes that are being communicated, identified and isolated for further investigation.

Photographic evidence is a boon as a crime fighting tool and is, but part of creating a timeline of events.  The software to create comparisons is relatively new and in the last four years has taken giant strides in recognition and pattern analysis.  Sadly far from what is portrayed on NCIS or CIS television series, but it will get there.  No one could ever believe that our predictive tools were real, they thought it from the movies and was just in a script writer’s mind.

Tracometry Group of Companies is real!  It is the connection between fiction and non-fiction, it is here today saving lives around the world with its next event predictability regarding the placement of IED’s in Afghanistan, or to catch bank robbers in the act of doing the crime.  It saves thousands of man hours and completes in minutes, in what police researchers would normally take half a day to finish.  Yes, that effective in utilizing resources.

It is not just crime analytics, municipalities use us for traffic pattern, and in fact any type of city information can be analyzed.

So times have changed overnight and we must encompass the public’s momentum in wanting to assist in crime fighting and help law enforcement understand the ramifications of these willing bodies that are out there.  

Gone are the days of it is just the cops that solve crimes, it has taken a leap in a positive direction and is for us to use, not lose!

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