Friday, April 19, 2013

The Public Made The Difference

Help Came,
Information Flowed,
Do Not Stop…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO,
Tracometry Group of Companies.

This has been a fast and furious 12 hours, since the FBI issued photographs, video and more information on the two persons of interest regarding the Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2013.

Prior to the release of information, reporters discussed the steps the FBI and local law enforcement had been taking to collect the information surrounding the bombing.  In so doing, Catherine Herridge, an award-winning Chief Intelligence correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC) based in Washington, D.C. described to a tee, the analytic steps that were being followed, this was the full procedures using the inner workings of Tracometry Group of Companies street level gathering of information and then processed through our crime analytical services and solutions. 

In cases like this, it is then further processed through our crime analytics and next event predictability techniques, powered by BAIR Analytics.  This process is time saving and has been developed since the 1990's.  Never, has there been a crime solving solution, so definitive in is potential results, used in so many ways.

Doing comparative analysis, searching linked data via social media, police reports, narratives, media and public information.  This has been a historic week in crime fighting, behind the scenes, analysts have tools in their solution box to effect results.  It is the creation of the algorithms, proprietary software and techniques that has brought us to this successful conclusion and usage of the systems in crime solving.

There is much more to do and on a daily basis over 500 agencies use our software to solve crimes and make our streets safer by early apprehension of criminals.  Our predictive analysis is beyond reproach.  Solving serial crime and criminals is our forte and has proved effective, time and time again.
The request for information by the Boston police and the FBI resulted in a mass influx of information, which had to be processed extremely quickly.  It is no good having this amount of data coming in, if you have no way to process.  Data silos are useless to us, the information must be actively utilized.

A precedent has been set this week in the willingness of the public to assist in crime fighting.  Safely the public can assist with information and the momentum of this free-flow of information must continue. 
As we stated yesterday, it has taken decades to change the mindset of the public, tragedy, death and invasion of ruthless killers, has in an instance, changed how we can now move forward with additional crime fighting assistance.  This was not the way we wanted to have the public join us, but in this turbulent world of street crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, rape, murder, domestic and child abuse, the public must be involved in tackling crime.

"Criminals are color blind. They don't care about the victim's race, class or creed. They target anyone. They show no mercy on those they affect, plunder and kill.  That is why fighting crime has to be a collective effort," stated Nick Ashton, Founder/CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

This information is vital to solve these crimes and we must maintain this confidence in public assistance. Thank you and we ask you to do more, please assist in as many ways as possible, you are and can make a difference national and in your neighborhoods.

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