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The Next Event Is Still To Come... Boston One Year On...

The Next Event Is Still To Come
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Updated One Year Later

The Boston Marathon one year ago had been coming for a long time.  You cannot give people 100% security, it is impossible and within public safety, it is not expected.  

The public, sadly demand the impossible, not seeing the overall picture of what it takes to keep us safe.  It is a world of nutcases and the single solitary loner that sneaks through and plies their awful deadly deed.

9/11 was a wake-up call for America and a relatively short period of time has passed by.  With every day that passes since the terrible event, we move into a complacent state, taking for granted that someone is watching over us.  Yes they are, but each safe day that passes, we as humans, and relax our guard.  That you cannot and must not do, we must stay on guard at all times.

Former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher said it best, “we have to lucky, (safe), all of the time, the terrorist only has to be lucky once.”  Somehow our ring of steel was broken, as it is a circle we can reconnect and become more vigilant once more.

I have been involved in protection from bombings since my days in the 1970’s, learning and creating the counter-terrorism techniques.  Being front line in the mass amount of Irish Republican Army’s bombing on the main land of Britain.  The days of my Metropolitan Police training at Hendon, London, with the street level experience of the inflicted violence of the bomb. The understanding of the terrorist sick mindset has kept me in contact and on the ground with the situations worldwide.

Spending time in Iraq ten years ago and the terror lessons learned with the al Qaeda factions that have been causing death and destruction worldwide. We have the experience, although distasteful, it is the knowledge and understanding that keeps us safe.  We look at events and situations with different eyes, from the dark-side, so to speak.

Right now, we must reduce the Fear Factor and Increase the Comfort Zone of the public.  That can only be achieved when you maintain your vigilance, increase your normal awareness and challenge anything out of the ordinary.  

It was with a business partner, in the development of Bomb Blast Window Film, in the early 1970’s, which is attached to the inside of the glass and holds it together in the event of an explosion.  Flying glass is the cause of most injuries and deaths in a bomb blast.  

It is the technology side of crime and terrorism that we continue in today.

It is the technology we have brought under one roof with www.commsmart.us that has made the difference. 

Our video surveillance capabilities, Action In Motion from the palm of the hand with a smart mobile phone or Tablet at street level, has revolutionized the capabilities of "live" streamed data back to an HQ or to a mobile base and every single officer in the area, tuned in to that stream with "live" video and a direct (POV) Point of View.

if you thought the video and images was effective last year, we have moved into a whole new realm of "live" capabilities.  It is the Total Recall that we must have today and we have expanded the ability to have 100% connectivity for all officers with our Secure Comms Black Box.  It is after all, a communications world!

Tracometry Group of Companies, CommSmart US works hand in hand with law enforcement to assist them to understand all the data that is generated and collected each single day.  Humans cannot cope any longer in today’s world without the analysis of information in a timely fashion.  

Public Safety has information flowing in from so many conduits and being able to be working on the information immediately, saves resources, gives intelligence information to make arrests and maintains a flow of success. 

Predictive capabilities are second to none!  Next Event Predictability is so needed today in the repetitive crimes, like, bank robbery, car thefts, rape, assault, murder and arson, to name just a few.  Real time information that can be accessed by all security cleared staff is vital to successful policing.

Our hearts still go out the families of the lost loved ones and those atrociously injured in the explosions in Boston, MA.

Public gatherings are now top of our priority list, in knowing all surrounding the events is of the most utmost importance.  They must all continue and not allow the terrorist win over, it is the reduction of the fear factor by not being complacent of the situations. 

Public Safety departments are working hard to keep everyone as safe as possible and it is with your help, this will be achieved.  Vigilance, keeping your eyes open and reporting anything strange, report it immediately.

Time is of the essence, we must use every single tool in the crime fighting tool box to succeed for us all.

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