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Blood Moon, BleedHeart What Do You Know Or Do You Even Care?

Blood Moon, BleedHeart
What Do You Know Or Do You Even Care?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

It seems everyone is living in their own little world, with their problems and do not see the bigger picture.  Standard, right?

This is the most the world has been connected and yet, disconnected.  Each of us is interconnected through that World Wide Web, the Internet.  There is no more six degrees of separation, the cable coming into your home/business or the Public Wi-Fi Hotspot links us all.

What goes on in Malaysia affects you in Detroit, in fact, everywhere. 
Now let us review our responsibility, you know, the word and objectivity that is missing in most everyone’s vocabulary.  Since social or unsocial media hit the Internet, we have seen the worse come out in so many.  Anti-social behavior has never been so bad and life has not been so disjointed.

People that wish to do us harm, steal what is rightfully ours and go to any lengths are amongst us.  It is the hidden means of Hacking, Phishing, Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers that want very personal information to get into your banking and steal your money.  In a business, trade secrets and methods you use to attract to your business and the clients/customer information, they want it all.

Any SaaS application that uses a password is the most vulnerable.  This includes any program, from bank card, loyalty, email, work log-in, databases, the list is endless.  All from your personally created password and do not be naive in thinking, if you change it, it will be safe!

All computers talk to each other because a certificate is issued to allow this.  Sadly, these certificates are left open far too long.  It is like leaving your front and back door wide open or leaving your car unlocked.  For the majority, no one will mess with you, as locks are for honest people.

Some are touting a two-step sign on process for you to dance your way on the Internet or into your program.  This not needed and very unnecessary.

KEYTALK changes all that, making you secure, anonymous and invisible when you are working on the Internet.  Corporately all will be well!

Passwords are humanly created, lost, stolen and foolishly shared and we wonder why our computers get hacked!  We allow you to keep your password, which though is not the real way you are able to connect with your company data servers. 

KEYTALK uses Device DNA, the selected components that make up your devices, smart mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac.  Once authorized, your devices are trusted and now use a bullet resistant tube to connect.  

Hardwired connections and importantly Public/Hotel Wi-Fi Hotspots.  Yes, totally secure in your connection and data in motion which you send end to end.

So what was this about a Blood Moon?
WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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