Monday, December 19, 2016

Union & Corporate Bullies...

Union Thugs & Corporate Ignorant Bullies
and Their Yes Men and Women,
Say No To These Fools…

Corporate & Union bullies surround themselves with YES men and women.  They instill fear and those that were subjected to those disgusting tactics and fail to stand-up for themselves. 

CommSmart Global not only stands up to those fools, we expose and tear them down!

Being the CEO of a company some say it is an issue as you are too close to your original dream and cannot see the wood for the trees.  

I recognize that, and fully understand I am not the exception to the rule. Owners and management who work under the misguided bullying rule-book, your days are numbered as are your yes men and women, you surrounded yourself with.  Your House of Cards is tilting, crumbling and will come down, leaving you with nothing more than a total mess and you will wonder why!

If you think Jericho was bad, wait and hear the sound, as the horns of honesty trumpet your demise.

When a company owner, through their spineless attorney, makes statements like this, when firing or severing a working relationship, “XXXX is under no legal, ethical or moral obligation to explain or justify its decision to sever its relationship with you.”  They want to control you whilst you work for them but are total cowards in announcing their method of disregard for you.

How many of you are working in those conditions and fearful of
your future or just going to work?

The signs of the professional madness of these so-called corporate leaders are very evident once you uncover their façade. For example, they speak to their fellow management at cross purposes, saying one thing and immediately doing another.  They are consistent in a failed leadership role, it shows as some executives find an aggressive style helps them claw their way to the top, but they often can't sustain their reign.

The fact is, the King is in the Altogether Naked in front of those he or she abused! Stripping them BARE and showing the real unsightly object they really are in front of all is the final action that just might make them see the error of their ways.  Sadly that is only a wish in most cases.

We all know our fair share of those corporate bullies--the managers who abuse power, yell, harass and micromanage their way through life. Usually, their office antics breed resentment, sabotage, "mental health days" costly turnover of staff.

But some executives infamous for their abrasive styles--the Steve Jobs, Harvey Weinstein and Barry Diller of the world--are addressed as luminaries, breaths of fresh air for their stale industries.  Really!  Weinstein is a proven issue!

So what separates the sadists from the prodigies? In short, as stated by some, it is the silver-backed gorilla. 

Sadists toss their weight around unreasonably and relish the chance to watch underlings squirm. In contrast, the silver-backed gorilla will beat his chest, break branches, flashing his teeth and charge--but all in the interest of protecting his troop. He secures food, mediates conflicts and provides safety, so lesser gorillas put up with his antics. Forbes magazine stated it is his fictional counterpart who is Don Corleone. In corporate America, it may be Martha Stewart. Mind you those that are looking at her on (, might need to know this.

Of course, Stewart spent five months in prison, and Don Corleone got gunned down in the street. These power players may find an aggressive style helps them claw to the top, but they often can't sustain their reign, although Martha has been a great re-inventor.

Bullying leaders rise in part because they are unwilling to compromise. They are committed to--and unremittingly protective of--their vision and make large companies move with the speed of small ones.  We just witnessed this and am glad of the experience before we jumped into the King size waterbed with them as most probably downed when it springs its guaranteed leak.

These are people who are very abrupt in fighting for their vision, they push people aside who are too conservative or 'just don't get it.' But they also attract--and are very protective of--their followers.  Who are either oblivious to what they got themselves into and eventually, in a short period see the leader as the bully and leave.

When bullying is so entrenched in the organization's culture that it becomes an acceptable way to manage and/or do business. The organizational attributes, policies, accepted practices foster this environment.   For example, a 'win at all costs' culture fosters an environment where the method of achieving success is not questioned.  This creates a culture where managers and peers are not held accountable for the acts of incivility that occur on a regular and accepted basis.

There are many definitions of workplace bullying.  We define it as REPEATED unreasonable actions of individuals (or a group of individuals) directed towards an employee (or a group of employees), which are intended to humiliate, degrade, embarrass, intimidate, or undermine; or which creates a risk to the safety or health of the employee(s). Workplace Bullying is exhibited by peers and managers and can be linked to relationships of informal and formal forms of power in the workplace.

How is this different from harassment?

Bullying certainly looks and feels like harassment. It is harassing, as commonly understood (defined as systematic, annoying, and continued actions which include threats and demands; creating a hostile situation by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct).

But at work, harassment is a special term. Often, workplace harassment connotes sexual misconduct and a hostile work environment. State and federal civil rights laws are designed to protect workers from discriminatory, disparate mistreatment. If, and ONLY IF, you are a member of a protected status (grounds) group -- there are 7 in the U.S. and 11 in Canada -- (e.g., gender, race, religion, ethnicity, etc.), and you have been mistreated by a person who is NOT a member of a protected group, you might be able to claim that you were harassed.

This is going on in all lines of work and is costing people their health and their relationships.  It is standing firm and legally fighting these situations and beginning to understand that these bullying, arrogant individuals will come a cropper and fall from chance.  You have to wonder what their social life is about, who they associate with and who may be their partner is.  Is that person suffering the same grief as employees?  Maybe they are like-minded and are two peas in a pod and may they be happy in their sordid abusive ways.

Look at your workplace, management, and co-workers now with fresh eyes and stand tall.  These people can and will go away, do not let them take you with them.

Those without ethics are doomed and I wish to say thank you to certain individuals who showed their rears, not a pretty sight, to our company and their threats are welcomed and will be viewed and judged in the public arena.

Knowledge is power in the right hands, take a grasp of your life!

We are in the NOW and
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