Sunday, December 18, 2016

Harnessing The Sordid Power Of Social Media

Harnessing The Sordid Power Of Social Media
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Information gathering has been with us in one form or another since time began.  News or a simulation of the news could take weeks and months to travel the globe.  Its content was not always how the teller of the tale exactly stated it.  Embellishment was rife and the true facts were lost in translation.

In fact, the story is still true today.  We have gone from smoke signals and grunts to violent news from the streets, which has been attributed to the overthrow of nations and then the significant hatred from behind a computer screen and keyboard.  

All at the speed of the Internet of Things!

I found last years comment at Facebook HQ by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi fascinating as he hailed the political power of social media.

"To leaders all over the world: you are not going to gain by running away from social media,"

Speaking at Facebook's campus in Menlo Park, Mr. Modi said: "The strength of social media today is that it can tell governments where they are wrong and can stop them from moving in the wrong direction."

"We used to have elections every five years and now we can have them every five minutes,"
he added.

This is true for listed corporations, SME's and the family.

It is the information age of NOW! Like body parts, everyone has an opinion and many are just that. Not true facts, but opinions and those that read these muses must remember that everything you read on the Internet is not TRUE!

Having business partners and associates in India and me being a Brit, I know the story of the political struggle that India has gone through for the last sixty years. At last, they have leadership that is bringing the strength of India to the worldwide stage.

We at CommSmart Global embrace Frugal Innovation and see the opportunity for all on a global footing.

Mr. Modi said he wanted to connect all India's villages to the internet - around a billion Indians currently lack internet access.

Facebook says its project, which offers free access to a bundle of mobile phone web apps, can help get the developing world online.

Mr. Modi's previous tour of Silicon Valley included meetings with top officials from Apple, Google, and other companies.

CommSmart Global see India as a major commercial opportunity in both directions and we have already introduced Frugal Innovations to corporate America and Europe.

The worldwide connections we have are much more than smoke signals, they are the reality to secure all users of the Internet of Things (IoT). Each user has his own world, a repository where he or she wishes to grasp information securely, with plenty of bandwidths and across all platforms and devices.

The fears of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are gone!

No more passwords to be stolen and a free flow of sharing information for business and family.

This is truly removing the sordid side of social media and placing Trusted Devices in the hands of all.

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