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Priorities – Truths & Consequences!

Priorities – Truths & Consequences!
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Life’s distractions are blurring or even leading to avoidance of vital issues by the C-Leadership.  CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, CTO’s and the Board of Directors.  All hired help by the shareholders which are distracted by their own inner social status and power delusion.  Not a wild or crazy statement, true facts.  Not all of you, though!

Whether you like it or not, it is all a Power Game which continues each and every day in Government Services like the Veteran’s Administration, Social Security, General Services Administration (GSA) and each and every Corporation and Business worldwide.

The dysfunctionality of leading or completing business is disturbing in its own right.  When you realize, if you really care, seeing beyond your own failed contribution of the inadequacies of running a major or minor corporation, then you might have a far better understanding of how success is only a mindset away.

The days of sitting on a gold throne, dictating by shouting and wanting your minions to tremble from the sound of your voice or read your memos as their hands shake, are over!

The largest threat to corporations is being ignored by the C-Leadership due to lack of understanding and ignorance. It is not only Branding, it is the buyers, customers, and clients.  Leave them in a vulnerable position and they will turn on your company like a pack of starving wolves.

In one area alone you are doing exactly that!

It is more than the Age of Aquarius, it is the Computer Age unless you have been that distracted!  Every single solitary action, in general, is driven by a computer program. 

It is a Cyber World after all!

There are a minuscule amount of companies that are not using computerization for their financial transactions, inventory control, report generation and data transference from the field of corporate information and eventual storage.  Either within you are storing data with a backup service or outsourcing to a data silo service somewhere.

VM or Virus Malware software is the first line of defense.  Your IT department or outsourced facility needs to be on top of all virus attacks which are going on every single second of the day on all types and sizes of companies.  Albeit automated in most case, once an attack occurs and infiltrates, it is labor intensive and you better have the leadership to understand and be on top of the issues.  Most are not, even the big boys and girls!

It becomes a reactive world and you know that being reactive is a disadvantage, not matter what you do.  The sports analogy is the perfect but overused scenario.  Defending is not efficient and uses more energy, resources, and money to overcome the issues.  Never mind the loss of revenue in a business if downtime happens and it is affecting your clients.  The retailer Target is the perfect example and ongoing.

Resolvement is required and PDQ!

Admission of failure to be proactive and fully understanding the issues at hand is not a doomsday moment.  It simply means you have to recognize that other, who specialize in these subjects that you have no earthly idea about.  Outsourcing your dramatic needs with companies you implicitly trust and who do not speak gobbledygook and have your bottom line in their sights for protection.
Now comes the biggest issue, Data in Motion and where it is coming from!  It is all well and good to have Virus Malware, what about the billions of connections and information sent from outside devices? 

It seems we are in love with Passwords, even if they are most shared communicable disaster ever invented!  Yes PTD’s are infected and costing all of us, personal and business wise, billions of dollars and time we can ill-afford to lose, that cannot be clawed back.

Our Laptops, Smart Mobile Phones, and Desktops are chattering back and forth all day long.  Connecting via a password is not a secure answer and everyone is doing it!

Twenty years ago Device DNA was attempted and successful created and has been in place ever since.  CommSmart US’s TRUSTED REMEDY goes beyond what is expected and is a proven European solution to 100% secure connectivity.

Those that believe Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an issue, you are misinformed! It is not!

As you now know, with TRUSTED REMEDY, we believe in DEVICE DNA, that is removing the human element of failure.  This will of course always continue as humans are never going to change!

The FACTS... TRUSTED REMEDY, a 2-factor authentication, acting as a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in a Private domain at relative zero management!

TRUSTED REMEDY, a two-factor authentication, using your device as the second factor generating a break-through 2 SSL peer to peer communication channel over any untrusted (internet) connection.

The user automatically receives a short-lived device certificate using a corresponding key pair in the range from 2048 through 4096-bit encryption which changes automatically every next event.

The authentication is via Device DNA, made up of the device components.  Short lived access keys configurable from minutes thru hours, completely transparent to the end user and standard server configurations.

TRUSTED REMEDY generates an intrusion proof data in motion channel to protect your all data/video files.

This is the solid foundation for our solutions within CommSmart Global philosophy.

When you can state that all information transmitted via the TRUSTED REMEDY solution is totally secure, even in a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot, then you had better have the goods to prove it and we do, for over twenty years and billions and billions of bits of data being absolutely secure.  Importantly, it is not us that is stating this, our "pen-testing”, which happens every single year proves this beyond the shadow of a doubt.

This is the basis on all we do!  It is the CommSmart Global approach with a solid foundation for today and in the future with all CommSmart Global solutions and services.

This is all achieved with our Patented Proprietary TRUSTED REMEDY data in motion, end to end secure connect via a Device DNA authentication.
CommSmart Global has the solutions and will discuss how we can assist in all facets of your information security.

Be Smart, with CommSmart Global…


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