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Public Approval of Policing? Gone, Vanished or Retrievable?

Public Approval of Policing?
Gone, Vanished or Retrievable?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group - Virtual Crime Center

Sir Robert Peel's third principle:

#3     To recognise always that to secure and maintain the respect and approval of the public means also the securing of the willing co-operation of the public in the task of securing observance of laws.

This third Peelian Principle moves the police community participation and co-operation to the next important step.  It is imperative to secure and maintain the trust and respect of the public for the police is one thing, securing the willing co-operation of the public in terms of observance of the laws is a total other. 

The extreme test for willing adherence of, or to the law, is much like the examination for personal integrity.  Integrity or the lack thereof is revealed in situations where an individual chooses a course of action free of coercion or compulsion based solely on a set of principles and values.  This is more common than you think if you are that out of touch.

The ratio of police officers and services to the public (1:500) is such that a police presence throughout the entire community at all times is impossible to maintain. Calls for Service become a severe problem and looked at as a failure of the agencies.

Police patrolling at best, serve as a reminder to the public that failure to observe laws can have repercussions.  If the public has not ingrained the notion of observance of the laws even without a police presence, social order and observance of the laws cannot be maintained. 

The role of the police, therefore, is not only to enforce the laws but also to educate the public as to what the rules (laws) are, validate strict observance of the laws themselves and influence the public of the merits and virtues of willingly observing the law.  

Sadly the change is in as we have seen globally, there is a lack of Trust, Respect, and Honor for police. America and the U.K. have seen incidents of police upholding the law, challenging individuals and having to defend themselves, under the law and a death occurs, there the story or untrue facts spread via social media and mayhem starts and spreads to other cities.

It is as if there are individuals ready, willing and able to attack authority, the police uniform, in any manner they wish, using misinformation and a degree of nonsensical violence against property and persons.

We expect police officers who are also members of the public to act in a manner that they believe they have the respect of all, they do not!

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner believe firmly that Sir Robert Peel’s Nine Peelian Principles stand firm today after 187 years of existence.  Of course, there are differences and the main one is the use of technology alongside these principles.  That is why we will introduce the 10th Peelian Principle at the conclusion of this series.

Social media interactions are so important and CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner understand the finger & thumbs approach of communicating using for calls for action of the public.

There lies a massive improvement of the approval of the public, they have a direct link without dialing digits.  They hide behind a Smartphone or tablet/computer screen and the dialogue is honest, deceiving and all with information that was never there before.

Here lie CommSmart Global Groups abilities to know all that is being said and stated via social media with compliant social media monitoring, with crime/predictive analytics and community crime mapping.  This can be enabled within your agencies now!

This, not something that has just been invented and so new it is still in a ‘beta phase’, we have 21 years of creating, refining and success, second to none.

What is our difference and why we can bring back the Trust, Respect, and Honor to policing is virtually simple, we converse, coach, mentor and enable through our software, global databases all with full professional services that work alongside you to fully understand the methods and you attain results immediately and grow a whole new way of public interaction and accomplishment.

Working hand in hand with warranted and sworn officers in all departments, enabling information at the fingertips on the street, improving officer safety.
Let us not forget the important analyst who can share your information and glean even more information to solve those crimes.

Make CommSmart Global Group you Crime Link Analysis across the board with our Virtual Crime Center Solution.

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