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Planning With Intelligence vs. Pure Dumb Ideas…

Planning With Intelligence vs. Pure Dumb Ideas…
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Dumb is not my favorite word or description.  There is worse, but it seems this is the most acceptable for the stupidity or arrogance in the world of management.  Their failure to accept that there are people in the world who know more than they do and that they should be listening to all advice and sort through the answers and implement. 

No one man or woman knows it all, there are folks that have focused on social problems, utilized their skill-sets, learned from their mistakes and had the guts to listen, accept and implement the results with success over and over again.

The meaning of:

: lacking some usual attribute or accompaniment; especially : having no means of self-propulsion <a dumb barge>
a : lacking intelligence : stupid
b : showing a lack of intelligence <asking dumb questions>
c : requiring no intelligence <dumb luck>
: not having the capability to process data <a dumb terminal>

Why are there so many dumb decisions by so-called quality managers?

It has been said, a limited capacity to see the whole picture -- known as "bounded rationality" -- combined with a faulty ethical compass are two big reasons. We also finds that subordinates are just as guilty of the same weaknesses and that lower management is linked to results manipulation. 

For a long time we've asked ourselves, How come smart, rational people carry out short-term schemes and plans that in the long-term undoubtedly are going to sink them and those they serve? The answer is -- we're not rational. We're rational only in a limited sense of the overall capability.

It all starts with the hiring process and the background of the hired individual.  A lax hiring agenda will bite you in the tush (rear end) in the long run and that is one fire that does not go out that easily.

Enough said!


a (1): the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations: reason; also: the skilled use of reason
(2) : the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one's environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (as tests)
b Christian Science: the basic eternal quality of divine Mind
C: mental acuteness: shrewdness
A: an intelligent entity; especially: angel
B: intelligent minds or mind <cosmic intelligence>
: the act of understanding: comprehension
A: information, news
B: information concerning an enemy or possible enemy or an area; also: an agency engaged in obtaining such information
: the ability to perform computer functions

It lays it out clearly and as I stated previously, no matter who we are, what our station in life is, we are all inquisitive.  It is the voracious appetite for information and the methods we use to attain these facts and the methods we use to satisfy our hunger.

CommSmart Global Group of Companies is the conduit for the gathering of facts.  We start right at the beginning, the street, among the people of the world. 

It is the Atmospheric Noise Collection or the Chatter of the Streets where harmless conversation, insider trading information to government anarchists plotting an overthrow of their politicians by violent means takes place. It is just plain down to earth talk, words with different meanings and outcomes.
It is our ability to collect, analyze and report through our proprietary analytic capabilities, which include Next Event Predictability, that has assisted in many differing ways.

From stemming or stopping violent events before they start, to finding out the concerns of the shop floor workers, so management can address the situation before it becomes a major issue that will affect the bottom line.  We work with all, from world governments to corporations on gathering the true facts and reporting.

When you have invented a product or a manufacturing technique, you will protect it via a patent or just by holding the processes as secret information. The inventor has every right to protect their interest.  Others see it as an opportunity to find out more and glean more information regarding your secrets and take a shortcut to their own success.  Yes, attempting to steal your information by any means they can.  It is human nature, just like a dog is never satisfied with its own bone when among a pack, it wants other's bones and will steal, any which way it can.

What rights do we have for information?  Is not what we know, whether it is ours and private, it what we do with the information in real time that counts.  Sadly, not according to what is going on in the world today.

With intelligence goes planning, the ability to utilize the information for the good of a country, citizens or a corporation.  It is a fact that politicians are not good at planning, most are repeating failed history and doubling the risk.  Not my words, history proves time and time again.

Those that have a crisis in their country or company do not operate with crisis management techniques.  Knee jerk reactions get people killed, harmed and the final outcome is not what you expected. 

Use those that know and take off the mask of false confidence and ask for the help you need for the sake of the people!
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