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Me, Myself, I...

Me, myself, i…
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

In the beginning you were the only one with an idea, a solution, a product or service.  You toiled away at the house, garden-shed or in the garage and perfected to your satisfaction, your dream. 

It was yours, all yours!

Along the route, did you seek advice, discuss, implement others suggestions in your final decision making?  Of course you did, it might have not been direct, but face it, we cannot all know everything can we?

You have 100% of something, your thinking is very simple, you are the only one with this idea and it will make you very rich.  The next step is the hardest, through your closeness to the project you are ignorant of the pit-falls, those that would remove the well thought out ideas and steal them for themselves are hovering at every turn.  You now have to fund the whole idea and open yourself to the Wolves of Wall Street, or at least the local bank or known potential investors.

This is where ME, MYSELF, I… takes a hard blow to the ego. Personal framework is the context we think about the least. As we attempt to circumnavigate the individual or organization’s physical and cultural setting, our own personal perspective filters, simply our view as well as our responses need to be in focus.

Every person has what is called the “ME, MYSELF, I” factor. It is made up of our own personality, experiences, methodology, principles, reserves, and most likely a lot of other points you can think of as well.

Our “ME, MYSELF, I” factor in some cases, helps us succeed, but more often contributes to our failures or at least our diabolic struggles. The reason it is so powerful is that we often don’t really see, or understand it.  Though, maybe we do see it, but don’t want to examine it too closely. It like as a child hearing a noise in our bedroom as we lay there and are frighten to look under the bed, as we have heard about the people who live under us.  Pure “old wives tales” of course!

Our “ME, MYSELF, I” factor acts as a strainer through which we see the rest of the world. If we don’t know how this filter changes our vision, our view of reality is really inaccurate and we will pay the consequences down the road.

So in business, we know that it is a wild and dangerous world out there.  Sure, you get started with your ideas and others monies, hiring people close to you, thinking that they have your same dreams and aspirations.  Do they?  The majority do not and never will.

We are discussing a narcissist as someone who is, metaphorically speaking, "always looking at their own image in the mirror of their own mind.” stated Andrew Cohen

And yet, Cohen expands the definition of narcissism to describe it as "a cultural epidemic," which he strongly associates with the baby boom generation and the emergence of postmodernism. Cohen says that this generation is very different from other generations because "we have grown up in the age where life is really about me...

Once you start in business the world changes and so must you!  The responsibility is deafening and you must remove your embedded earplugs and hear it all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

When one amasses a team, each cog must turn at the precise moment to be a success.  This does not happen overnight and certainly not without strong communications, planning and a positive agenda.  Revision is a key factor in moving forward.  It is the ability to review and respond and this can only be achieved with a team of “WE”.

Our beliefs are clear cut, steer clear of the ME, MYSELF, I… crowd.  Those that use I did this and I did that, and only in their own mind are they a success.  Do not be fearful in challenging such people.  No one has the exclusive on success or failure! 

Those so called business leaders that dominate by arrogance and a methodology of a culture of fear can take their ideology and play in their own pit.  Eventually you see right through their façade and stand toe to toe with them.  Better still, improve your game, your employees and your sales or production methods and win over them, with a success that will scar them for live.  Whilst they have been wallowing in their narcissistic irrelevance, you have taken it to the bank!

Just to remind you of what this week is all about…

It is ME or WE Week

Or is it ME or WE are WEAK WEEK?

Narcissists are considered a true liability in business and the corporate world. Their lack of empathy and inherent selfishness helps them rise straight to the top.

Conventionally, the narcissistic personality marked by a grandiose intellect of self and lack of empathy for others considered a liability in the business world. Their arrogance, tendency to envy others and reluctance to take blame or share credit does not recommend narcissists as "team players."

Leadership is pure “WE”, which are YOU?

We shall be addressing how these differences affect you, your company and family.

“When we are at our lowest, we all become wild and crazy in our frantic decision making, all of us are on different levels and personal actions.

You have your 9 thru 5 business face and actions – then the after-hours façade kicks in. You and you alone only know your level of craziness.

There is always the P.T. Barnum in us all. To some, he never manifests, in others, he takes over!

It is those that create, generate and communicate in those common and logical terms, we are firm in our desire for success and listen to all, pluck what we feel is for us and then adapt and succeed.

It is the WE Factor!

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