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Public Approval of the 'power of police'

Public Approval of the 'power of police'
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group - Virtual Crime Center

"To recognise always that the power of the police to fulfil their functions and duties is dependent on public approval of their existence, actions and behaviour, and on their ability to secure and maintain public respect."

This was and is a unique philosophy of policing.  

Throughout the world, policing is derived not from fear but almost exclusively from public co-operation with the police, which induces behavior which secures for members of police agencies and maintains the approval, trust, respect and affection of the public.

It refers to the power of the police coming from the common consent of the public, as opposed to the power of the state

Importantly, it does not mean the consent of an individual. No individual can choose to withdraw his or her consent from the police, or from a law.

The duties and functions of the police are also largely universal and include:

1. The protection of life and property,

2. Maintaining peace and good order,

3. The prevention of crime,

4. The detection and apprehension of offenders; and

5. Enforcement of the laws

Without the consent of the public, it would be impossible to maintain the above stipulations.  Sheer numbers play into this as agencies and forces are so small in numbers.

The degree of that public approval is unwavering by how the public views the activities and behaviors of the police. If police are seen as being broadminded, responsible, open and accountable the odds are good that they will earn the approval and respect of the public. If on the other hand, police act in a closed and cautious manner and interpret themselves as being above the law, public trust, respect, and approval will evaporate quickly.

Through their actions police must earn a confident reputation and once netted they must work hard to preserve it. The importance of strict discipline cannot be exaggerated in this regard. The best intentions of police management can so easily be destabilized by the rogue actions of a small number of officers. In terms of public awareness, naught undermines public trust and respect for the police more intensely or more quickly than corruption, unethical and illegal behavior. 

Today’s social and unsocial media spreads, truths and lies faster than a speeding bullet globally.  That use to say that a news story is only of interest for one day and normally disappeared.  Today, it is sent and spread globally, posted, tweeted and reposted around the world.  Then the opinions and misunderstandings are started and it garners a life of its own.

Trust and respect in the police can to some mark be measured by the reporting rate of crimes. The percentage of crime that goes unreported is an indication of the extent to which the public feels that reporting will result in a meaningful outcome. In some cases, crime statistics (which are based on reported crime) can show a drop, not because there is less crime but rather because the public has lost faith in the ability of police. 

The Mayor London wishes to remove the methods of reporting the crime issues.  The crime rate will still be the same, just reported in an unjust means and manner.

So how do police agencies go about gaining and maintaining the respect and approval of the public? The bottom line is this; the actions of police must be always beyond reproach. The actions of just a few officers can tarnish the reputation of an entire agency. This underscores the importance of strict discipline in policing.

Social media interactions are so important and CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner understand the finger & thumbs approach of communicating using for calls for action of the public. 

There lies a massive improvement of the approval of the public, they have a direct link without dialing digits.  They hide behind a Smartphone or tablet/computer screen and the dialogue is honest, deceiving and all with information that was never there before.

Here lie CommSmart Global Groups abilities to know all that is being said and stated via social media with compliant social media monitoring, with crime/predictive analytics and community crime mapping.  This can be enabled within your agencies now!

This, not something that has just been invented and so new it is still in a ‘beta phase’, we have 21 years of creating, refining and success, second to none.

What is our difference and why we can bring back the Trust, Respect, and Honor to policing is virtually simple, we converse, coach, mentor and enable through our software, global databases all with full professional services that work alongside you to fully understand the methods and you attain results immediately and grow a whole new way of public interaction and accomplishment.

Working hand in hand with warranted and sworn officers in all departments, enabling information at the fingertips on the street, improving officer safety.

Let us not forget the important analyst who can share your information and glean even more information to solve those crimes.

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