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Cuts with an Ax Have No Precision, Just Fallout... - The Solution...

Getting the Home Office/Department of Public Safety
 In Order, When Your Budgets Are Cut 20%
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO,
Tracometry Group of Companies.

With every economic downturn politicians always view to begin with, how they can muddle through, it is in their DNA and goes back generations.  It is later on they admit, their hit and miss belt tightening fails and then they go back to the public with a plea that there are no more notches on the belt to tighten and the coffers are empty.  What that means is simply, the public will pay with increased taxes and less much needed services.  It is the people you voted in that have failed in handling the budget correctly.  What happened to good solid rainy day funding, preparing for adversity and economic preparation?  Not in the vocabulary of a politician, so it seems.  This is just the way the wheels turn in every municipality, USA and every town or city in the rest of the world.

City Hall serves the people, not ignores them and just does it the Sinatra way. 

Accountants or bean counters are not the most popular people in the world as they tell us what is available in reality on a monetary basis and what you must focus on with cost cutting and what can be spent.  Our societies today want it all now and we cry foul when we cannot achieve that selfish goal.

In public safety, budgets can be gone in the flash as events are unplanned and socially you are on call for anything, 24/7/365.  Public Safety Directors have a worse job than a weather forecaster.  The difference is, we see the information on the coming weather patterns because corporations, both private and government, have invested in technology and forward thinking solutions for the sake of the public’s safety.  Is it the best? No!  Have other nations spent more and developed other technologies that are not in use in the USA? Yes they have.  This though in the USA is on the right track and more innovation is on the way.

20% cost cutting in an area of public safety, that never has enough money in the first place, is nonsensical. Criminals have far better weapons, mobile communications and connected intelligence at the higher levels.  Mid-level criminals only think they have and still cost major resources, it is the lower level criminal, which there are many, which have a constant drag on costs, manpower and lacking resources. This the area of expertise that we can make the vital difference.

The financial stability of a nation is predicated on the further stability of the streets.  Budgets have to be realistic and created by those that understand finances and public safety.  Problems in the past have been that the individual that might be elected or placed in a position as head of public safety/law enforcement have not had the financial skills necessary.  We understand that must make changes, slashing budgets by a figure of 20% is as bad as not having financial understanding.  A middle ground must be found.

Public safety and especially law enforcement has to make a radical and forward think change now!  The development of these exciting proven techniques by the Tracometry Group of Companies did not happen overnight and certainly will always be improving as we create new technology and learn each and every day from the streets.  Why?  We listen to the streets and our clients.  It is a mindset that our company does not want the ownership of the criteria and successes, it the overall improvement worldwide for public safety that is the ultimate satisfaction.

We have a worldwide conference table at our fingertips to discuss the necessary changes that are required now.  Money is not flush, so we are cognizant of the abilities and levels to invest with the opportunities to use the limited resources of departments today. 

Private enterprise has invested enormous amounts of capital, expertise, street smarts and developed a successful Tracometry Group of Companies crime fighting circle of fire, powered by BAIR Analytics, covering all eventualities. For municipalities, law enforcement, both international, regional and local to try to develop what has already been achieved is pointless and not cost effective.  Crime cannot be fought with just more IT!  In fact you would end up with thousands of different analytic systems that have no ability to share the information.  This is putting you back to square one.  You only have to look at radio communications systems and how, even today, we lack in cross agency secure communications, which hampers us all, except the criminal of course.

It is not just about what is available today with technology, it is about the experienced officers, mangers and the thought processes that have been entrenched in professional people who really care.  You lose them when you cut budgets with an axe.  In England the same cuts are occurring and more than 2,000 of the most experienced police officers will be made to retire by 2015 as forces across England and Wales try to find 20% budget cuts, a British Labour political party survey has claimed.

You lose them and then have to fill their shoes with younger inexperienced recruits, spending even more money which you do not have on training and not expanding your technology base, which will make a radical change in crime fighting and the solving of crimes.  Is that not what policing is all about?  Stopping crime occurring and solving those that do, efficiently and productively is the basis of professional crime fighting.

So why are Tracometry Group of Companies being touted as the most successful in the realm of crime fighting technology?  Simple, their solutions, approach, staff and full understanding of the situations.  We work in the Real World of getting the job done.  Our customer service is our highest priority and second to none, in any industry in the world.  It is a family that treats all of client’s analysts as they are employees.  Nothing is too much trouble in advising and demonstrating how to achieve a particular analytic goal.  It is our core, it is our life…    
  •  Crime analytics
  •  Tracking Analysis
  •  Calls for Service Data
  • Social Media Tracking in Real Time
  • Next Event Predictability
  • Over 500 agencies use our services + Internationally
  • DoD (Department of Defense) Military Success
  • Street Level Data Input in Real Time Distribution
  • The Pied Piper Community Rejuvenation
  • Recoupeit – reuniting revenues (Municipality Debt Collection)
  • 43 years of proven experience

Electronically we are as close as you want us to be.  Allow us to show you the solutions, via a 30 minute live webinar.  We will introduce the solutions, that are the change, in a cost effective form necessary with the investment perspective and the solution criteria at hand.

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