Thursday, May 9, 2013

Murdering the Messenger...

Those That Kill The Messenger…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO,
Tracometry Group of Companies.

How many critics and soothsayers can there be?  It seems public safety, security, law enforcement and crime fighters worldwide are always under the double microscope, by people who are total cowards.  This people could not say boo to a goose, but can deliver a self-serving message to the media, as long as the red light is on the video camera.

Is the reason why they attack successful people simply that their own inadequacies pain them so much, that they have to be as anti as they can be?  They call black, white and argue so violently they become flustered, with a Nixon sweating top lip and rouge filled cheeks.

Politicians are the worse and the poster child for Messenger Killers!  Just like when the Police Chief is holding a press conference (Presser) and it is fact they are not going to reveal the evidence of
the on-going case.  There is always a group of dumb journalists who keep asking the same question that has already be answered, by stating, “it is an on-going case and I can’t answer that at this time”, or, simply, “I don’t know.”  Is that why they call it a presser?  They are pressing for answers they should know they will never get or did they just walk in off the street and pretend to be a journalist?

On the hill (Washington D.C.) yesterday, politicians where grandstanding over the a key Benghazi whistle-blower, responding to Democratic claims that the prolonged scrutiny over the administration's botched talking points is unwarranted, testified Wednesday that the early mischaracterization of the attack may have actually hurt the FBI's investigation.

"I definitely believe that it negatively affected our ability to get the FBI team quickly to Benghazi," said Greg Hicks, the deputy chief of mission in Libya who became the top U.S. diplomat in the country after Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed. He claimed the Libyan president was angered by the mischaracterization, in turn slowing the U.S. probe.

In murder or abduction cases, yes the police want the help of the public and let them assist, they are the experts, and layout the case in the manner they know will garner assistance.  Media manipulation by law enforcement is necessary as it seems the education level is getting lower and lower and the asking of senseless questions in most cases.

The Tracometry Group of Companies stands by our public servants and are proud to work hand in hand in the fight against crime and supporting the public by increasing their safety.

I ask you to stop and think for a moment if you can tear yourself away from Twitting crap to your so called “followers”, start understanding there are people who know more than you and have great success when they are allowed to do their job.  Stop using your thumbs as your way to change the world, we cannot “thumb” our way out of the problems, mainly by using unsocial media.

The message is loud and clear, think before you attempt to be a so-called expert and really know nothing.  Reason, you know nothing!

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