Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ah, Brazil, the gateway to what?

Brazil, the key to South America’s rise or fall
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

It is not the sand between your toes on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro that is rubbing and making them raw.  Nor is it the statistical government information
on how Brazil has brought people out of poverty or the price of a football ticket.  It is not just any excuse to riot and kick the rear end of officials in Brasilia, Sao Paulo or any other city in this South American hot spot.  The unrest and failure are staring a continent in the face!  Ignoring it or attacking it with batons and Water cannons with not make it go away.

We have all over extended ourselves at one time or another, typically refused any assistance or help in a solution from someone that knows much more than we do.  Pigheadedness is a trait of the human race, especially men.  The Plans of mice and men, especially the mouse.  It is the cheese of the kudos at the end of the proverbial rainbow that we all chase, forgetting the steel bar of the mouse trap that will come crashing down on our necks, when we allow greed, corruption and blindness to get in the way.  Stop and ask any three blind mice and hear what the answer is.

Ah, Brazil, the gateway to what?

The nation of Brazil is up to its neck in societal mud!  The stinky type and are scrambling because their dreams and aspirations are in the hands of businessmen’s investments, where some of the profits are being salted away in politicians back pockets. 

One click and Brazil is the primer for an explosion of rejection and failure!  Why?  Simply because they have taken too on too much without real expert advice and change agents that make the difference.

Economic factors are always at the forefront and corruption begets corruption.

When you have four major events that are in the spotlight of the world occurring in such a short time span and economically to achieve the expected results, you must gamble away your heritage, with odds that no bookmaker will take, something is radically wrong!

Your football team can show you every single mistake you are making.  They are right in front of your eyes and you are ignoring each kick of the ball, every piece of strategic piece of footwork and allowing the front office staff to play your game for you.  Businessmen with money to burn, not even their money, it is the future of Brazil and the whole of South America is at stake and you are allowing the water boys to call the shots!

Right now, the Confederations Cup is being played in Brazil and look what has happened in a few short nights.  Riots on the streets, not just in one city but cities across Brazil. 

Next, you have the Pope paying a visit and thinking that throwing a large force of law enforcement as a circle around him, you will protect your religious investment.  I understand that Brazil will guard the Pope with 44,000 police officers, that sounds like a massive undertaking and it is.  You would think that this is the perfect protection.  It is not!  Mass protection has so many pitfalls, it is doomed from start to finish and the same bookmakers will not accept you wager for success.  It is difficult enough to have a jury of your peers to agree, let alone 44,000 police officers on a strategy of protection!

The World Cup is the next event that Brazil is hosting.  Named as 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil All in One Rhythm.  Sadly it might have rhythm, but it is out of tune on how security in this day and age must be accomplished. 

The opening match is in Sao Paulo on June 12, 2013, just under one year away.  Yes, Brazil is concerned about the security and even FIFA has indicated they will seek assistance for the participating nations in regard to stabilizing the events.


 If you are the host country it is your responsibility to control your own destiny.  All for just over one month of attention and a gamble that your plans will work and the investment was all worth it.

Now in 2016, the Summer Olympics and Paralympics opens.  The infrastructure developments for the preparation of the Games are huge. There will be more than 100,000 people directly involved in the organization of the Games, including 70,000 volunteers. Millions of people in the city, around the country and across the continent of South America will be reached and inspired by the Games.

More than 10,500 athletes from approximately 205 nations around the world are expected to come to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, to compete in front of many thousands of media professionals, sports fans and tourists from all over the globe.

I am not pouring salt on the wound of security planning, I am pouring out my professional heart to ask that Brazilian officials consider the use of experts with more security knowledge in their pinky finger to work hand in hand and create the success that the Brazilian people and all South America deserve.

I know, it is about money.  Yes, security is the stepchild of the gumshoe culture.  Cheap, gets you killed!  The gumshoe detective of the hotel, with his office under the stairwell and a nail on the wall holds the receipts of the previous month’s expenditures.  The picture does inspire confidence!

Are you not listening to the streets of Brazil?  They are crying out with messages of displeasure and all you want to do is send in the military style police and crush them.  They tried that in Syria, have you not been watching the news?

Time is not on your side, it is on the side of those that wish to disrupt and cause chaos and mayhem.

Let me explain how you can overcome all of these problems.

There is a worldwide company that is so clandestine, they themselves do not know they exist.  The team is so well matched and communicates in ways you never knew possible.  They get their information from the starting point of the streets.  Information gathering at its utmost best and believe you me, they know what to do with it in real time.  No data silos or file cabinets to hideaway the facts of the moment.  All processed, evaluated and actioned!

CYROPOL, is more than a fancy name that goes back to 239 BC.  It is a well-oiled social machine that pulses at every turn.  Team members are in their positions for a reason, they know their job and are focused on all aspects of delivering the desired and demanded results.

You cannot afford not to have CYROPOL lead your security blanket and bring leadership and communications to all.  This is not just a onetime event for Brazil, South America’s future lay at the feet of success or failure.  I know what I would choose and I know who I trust.

It is reality time and mark my words, your choices are slim and the clock is ticking. 

CYROPOL and Brazil need the boots on the ground now!

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