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Papal Message in a Security Bubble...

Papal Message In a Security Bubble
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

So I was surfing the web on the security of the Pope and I came across fine reporting, copied right out of the Brazilian Security Handbook of Papal Protection, (B.S.H.P.P.). I am now looking for a full page newspaper ads for every single move that the Pope and his unassuming group will make.

M & M, one of our deep rooted security guys, made the statement regarding the volume of police officers, 44,000, that they can all join hands and let the Pope walk along the streets to his hotel.  That is personal attention beyond extreme!

The papal visit presents a unique set of highly complicated security concerns never before seen in Brazil.  Is not the Pope a man, who represents the largest religion of Brazil, Catholicism?  I believe it was Time Rice of Jesus Christ Superstar fame, which stated lyrically, that he is just man. Referring to Christ of course.   

It will be the Argentines' first international trip as Pope and the fact it’s to Brazil, the largest Catholic country, makes it an incredibly high profile journey. It's also a long time he'll be spending in Brazil - seven days in Rio from July 22-28, with a packed schedule to events - and coincides directly with the World Youth Day gathering in the city, expected to bring in upwards of 3 million Catholic youth to the city.

To place all the different agencies, including 44,000 police officers is insane!  The more people tripping over each other to provide the security of the Pope is asking for trouble.  I did hear they are also using doppelgangers.

You can Google that and I will wait….

Body double, got it?  So do not wear a white suit during that week, could cause some problems.

I am trying to invoke some levity in an extremely serious situation.  Firstly, CYROPOL would not publish its security plan in any way, shape or form. 

Stealth is the key!  Our services are in the deepest cover and whether we are working with the Brazilians or not, listening never did anyone any harm.

It is imperative that the Brazilian authorities scrap the current plan!  Or maybe they have and this is all a ruse!

There is a far better way to protect the Pope and not draw the attention that is being created at this time.  Learn now, you cannot afford for any mistakes.  With the volume of personnel involved, exponentially, you are in trouble. Ask Jimmy Carter about security missions with overkill.

We are repeating the plan only to show the problem and plead that full changes are made or have they already?

The information below has been revealed in recent weeks from reporting in the Brazil media, coupled with conversations with top federal and state public security officials.

The Papal Plan of Protection

As soon as Pope Francis steps foot in Brazil, he will immediately be guarded 24 hours a day by a 60 member team of specially trained Federal Police agents with capabilities of "close quarters" protection of high profile subjects, and ability to "eliminate" any immediate threat. These agents will provide a "bubble of security" around the Pope at all times until he boards his plane to head back to Italy. An unknown number of those agents will be "within arm’s length" of Pope Francis at all times, including while he is giving mass, if they deem it necessary.

Federal officials have designated a Level 1 status – the highest security alert available – for the pope's visit.

Four military helicopters will be available to the Pope at all times to whisk him around the city. One of the choppers will be equipped with an "aerial hospital" should the need arise, the other three will always fly with the Pope but two will act as decoys, carrying the federal police agents and the Pope’s immediate, most important staff.

Ten other police and military helicopters will available in Rio providing backup security and reconnaissance, tracking the Pope’s movements and surrounding areas.

Somewhere between 8,500 and 12,000 military soldiers will be deployed to Rio as well. President Dilma Rousseff has declared Guaratiba – a suburb community 60km from Rio where the Pope is expected to give a mass to 3 million people - a "Guarantee of Law and Order" zone, allowing the military to temporarily partake in public security and policing activities within the zone. Other key World Youth Day events will also take place in the municipality.
Brazil’s specially-trained and well-equipped National Force security officers - based in Brasilia and under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice - will deploy somewhere between 1,200 and 1,600 officers to Rio to act as a "super police force" to guard areas where they are needed during pope movements.

The state of Rio will have 44,000 officers (both street police and investigative officers) available and working in rotating shifts. All vacation and non-essential training days have been cancelled during the week the Pope visits Rio. “Any and all personnel we have at our disposal will be working,” one local official said.

Rio's much-feared special force police unit, called BOPE, has been in recent weeks doing security operations in rough neighborhoods that are in or around where the Pope will be visiting.

And Brazil’s national intelligence service, ABIN, will have plain clothed agents in Rio, and a command center. They have already been in communications with neighboring country intelligence services about sharing of information of potential threats.

When it comes to Pope Francis' visit to Brazil, a simple man who shuns security and the treasures of the office of Pope, Brazil is a country giving off the impression they are leaving nothing to risk, and taking no chances.

In fact, there is no such thing as 100% security.

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