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Excited Delirium Deaths!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO,
Tracometry Group of Companies.

Confirming that these deaths took place and how you can reduce this issue.  

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Taser contributed to death, inquest hears
Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin
Pollanen also dismissed any role that Excited Delirium could have caused in Firman's death, noting that while Firman was agitated at the time, it could not be considered to play a role. At several points during his testimony, he cast doubt on the ...
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Taser key factor in mentally ill man's death, top pathologist tells inquest
Edmonton Journal
One possibility the chief forensic pathologist largely dismissed was a
suggestion Firman could have died from a syndrome known as "excited delirium," which is sometimes cited as a cause of death in people using cocaine or those with severe mental illness.
Autopsy report on Gregg County Jail inmate released
Longview News-Journal
An autopsy report released Friday on the death of a Gregg County Jail inmate determined Bobby Joe Madewell Jr. died of excited delirium and restraint. The coroner also noted Madewell, 51, suffered from vascular disease and had other health issues.


Kangaroo dies ofexcited delirium from capture | News 13
A kangaroo that got loose near Dade City last weekend has died. Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said the animal died Sunday night, shortly after it was ...
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