Monday, June 10, 2013

It is just waiting to be kicked in...

How Secure is The Door?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO,
Tracometry Group of Companies.

Firstly, why would we be interested in your door security issues?

The door is the entrance to your whole world, no matter how sane or insane it is.  Some time ago, a client in the world of apartments asked us to look at their facilities, it was a concern about their doors that made us come up with this solution.

The office or apartment doors are a major concern, they are not secure at all.  The door is being held shut by a deadbolt key system in most cases and it is only one half inch of wood that is real holding the door closed in a wooden frame.  One good kick and the door is open.  A jimmy if used, seconds and they are in. 

Tracometry Group of Companies has strategic partners in all areas and even a Master Carpenter at hand. I mean 50 years of experience, when wood was wood!  We have the answer that will secure all resident doors from being entered by kicking or using a jimmy.  Developed for use in stopping home invasion this exclusive product, which we use, is a proactive solution and will give peace of mind to you the owners and residents alike, which you both deserve.

I have attached a video of a demonstration how easy it is to kick in a door and then of our device that will prevent this from happening for you.  (

So behind closed doors you might be sitting and thinking that you are safe and you are not!  Just thought we would pass this along…

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It is the simple ideas that make this world a better place for us all.

Tracometry Group of Companies works with Governments, Municipality Public Safety Departments and Corporations and has done so for over 44 years.  It looks after each and every client like one of their own, family and not just way of paying the bills and passing the time of day.  The passion for, and of success, is very much alive and kicking!  We care and know that our expertise is vast, successful and for today’s world and always one step ahead of the dark-side.

At our core is street level information gathering, our analytics is then fed this information and crime statistics are generated in real time, this enable us to have the finest Next Event Predictability capabilities.  Yes, predicting events, including bank robberies and I.E.D. placement by terrorist in Afghanistan for the DoD. It sounds far-fetched or something out of the movies, it is not, we are firmly on terra firma.

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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