Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Psst... The Word on the Street...

Psst... The Word On The Street…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO,
CommSmart Global Group of Companies.

I know, we all hate chores, but I have one for you.  Something that will blow your mind as you are relaxingly allowing the world to drift by.

As you sit in a cafĂ©, restaurant or bar, listening to the chatter around you.  Do not make it obvious that you are eavesdropping or suddenly join in their conversation, just listen.  Hear what they are discussing and obtain a general pattern of the conversation, the key words, so to speak.

It will astound you what people are discussing and their real down to earth opinions on a myriad of subjects.  The concerns they have and how they going to change the world or deal with a family issue.  Be careful, I do not want to hear that someone got annoyed with you for listening in to their deepest secrets!

There is a theme of conversation on the weekends that very different from the middle of the week.  See if you can connect the dots and understand.

Those of us that have that lunch in the restaurant around the corner, grab a sandwich and sit out on a summer's day, discussing all sorts of subjects, including business, family and friends.  In fact, we have strong opinions on many a subject that should never be discussed in the open market of life.

Your sex life and business ventures are no one else's business, yet there are those that are listening to the Atmospherics of Chatter and honing in on one's of interest that have a monetary value.  

Yes, professional eavesdroppers who listen, collect and sell to the highest bidder.

Business is business and your business has no place in someone else's hands or ears.  Information has a value and in today's anti-social atmosphere, prying human ears using today's technology have access to it all.

It was during WWII that the phrase, "Loose Lips, Sink Ships" was coined, it is relevant even more today.  Corporate secrets new designs, launch dates, out sourced manufacturers, costs, new hires, pricing and innovations yet to be brought to market are out in the Atmosphere, by plucked, shared and sold each and everyday!   

Oh, the napkin you scribbled your notes on, do not leave it on the table or throw it in the bin as you leave, take it with you, even a crumpled napkin is worth a fortune.

Understand, the WORD ON THE STREET…

P.S.  Shut up and listen, keep your private world, private...

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