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Quality Outsourced Sales Management Is A Cost Proven & Profitable Productive Strategy

Quality Outsourced Sales Management Is A
Cost Proven & Profitable Productive Strategy
By Nick Ashton, CEO, CommSmart Global

Corporations for decades have been struggling with that old adage of “cost of doing business”. 

SME’s (Small, Medium Enterprises) are the crux of all business conducted worldwide.  In the majority of cases, sales and support are the key.  Since the continuance of the revolving downturn of economies, there is a silver lining that will bring back the gold!

Sagging strategies, mounting costs with indecisive decision making are the largest issues for the demise of what could or would be a successful business.  Over time these manifest and are major concerns, causing sharp actions which have not been thought out. 

Innovations, ideas, inventions and inadequate sales management are at the top of the list.  The latter is always after the fact of the start-up going live and plays a major part in all subjects.

Most SME’s hire people they know or family members, having limited, if no experience or expertise at all, only the so-called friendship connection. This is a disaster waiting to happen, as mostly they are inexperienced and will be cost effective.  In fact, they cost you a heck of a lot more as the decisions and plans are not capable of being a success.  Perfect example is corporate sales targets, we all know that these are always a fantasy if you have no idea what you are doing.  If you are not achieving the target you do not lower the expectation, you change the processes, review the strategy and find your mistakes.  It is all about communications between all concerned.

Companies have a sales force issue, 70% of the sales team are not producing and failing the company’s overall performance and should be gone!  Sales managers are given the tasks by the ownership or CEO, who in turn has been informed by the Board of Directors of the path to follow.  This is applicable for all companies and unfortunately the sales manager can be the catalyst for disaster, in driving the sales team in a direction that will not resolve the correct corporate aspirations.

Unprepared sales managers are an expense that is acceptable when they and their team are successful. Sadly, they have, through our experience, ways and means that they bring with them, that they have amassed over the years, which they use constantly whether they work or not.  It is their comfort zone, not the sales teams and certainly not the company’s.

We are a outsource sales management team who, for a fixed monthly investment will manage your teams and utilize current proven techniques to improve you internal processes and guide your current and new sales team in the positive direction you always envisaged.

No pressure or magic bullet, just logical proven solutions at all levels.  Our experienced CommSmart Global team will discuss your requirements and not come in the door carrying the solutions in a briefcase.  Once you commit to our services, the work begins, communicating at all levels, the owner, board, employees and current clients.  There is the secret, they are communicating with us and open all avenues of inside concerns, issues and suggestions.  They will communicate far better with us, then directly with you or the in-house sales manager.

WE believe in removing the FEAR FACTOR and INCREASING the COMFORT ZONE.

Pure teamwork for the ultimate goal of your original concept, enjoyment, less stress and importantly, more profitability, which in turn, brings back smiles.

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