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What Do The TSA, Law Enforcement, Politicians, Educators & Corporations All Have In Common Regarding Risks?

What Do The TSA, Law Enforcement, Politicians, Educators & Corporations 
All Have In Common Regarding Risks?
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO CommSmart Global & CommSmart US

The latest information of the TSA at our airports is alarming and expected. 

Dysfunctional is an understatement to say the least!

Sure, I have a horse in this race and I am by far, not the favorite!

Worldwide and especially America, Duty of Care is being negated regarding public safety and the quality of officers, regarding violence in the workplace, schools, colleges, universities and all public gathering places.

Many of you have no earthly idea what your Duty of Care is, what it means or how it affects the day to day running, obligations and ramifications of you and everyone who enters your facilities.

Since 1998 I have been preaching this necessary characteristic of business, life and social understanding, it is our responsibility to others and always a high priority.  Logically you would think everybody would understand the need for this important factor in our society, Your Duty of Care!

Duty of Care requires everything reasonably practicable to be done to protect the health and safety of others in the workplace and anywhere basically people gather or live. This duty is placed on all employers, their employees and any others who have an influence on hazards, security and day-to-day activities in a, neighborhood, community, school, college, university, public gathering location or workplace.

The latter includes contractors and those who design, manufacture, import, supply or install plant, equipment or materials used within a workplace.

Reasonable practicable means that the requirements of the law vary with the degree of risk in a particular activity or environment, which must be balanced against the time, trouble and cost of taking, measures to control the risk.  It allows the duty of care holder requiring change in technology and knowledge to be incorporated but only as and when it is efficient to do so.  The duty of care holder must show that it was not reasonably practicable to do more than what was done or that they have taken reasonable precautions and exercised due diligence.

Refusal to admit that social unrest in everyday society does not exist, negates the Duty of Care!  Corporations, Educators, Politicians and Law Enforcement leadership are as guilty as anyone.  Why should not everyone know of the risks of today’s society and have a full understanding of what remedial steps must be taken?

I had a conversation the other day regarding education leadership and their resistance to admitting that the rouge copactive shooter or bomb maker scenario must not be discussed or even addressed, as it would be an admission of an overall threat and you would not want parents to think that the school could fail in the protection their child. 

The fact is, if they took action to install technology and train their staff correctly with Street Smarts, it would be an admission of a problem!  It seems they are not problem solvers and sweep the issues under the carpet.

I actually remember the day people resisted the seat belt law for motor vehicles or go back further and the invention of the horseless carriage and the law that stated that a man must walk in front of the car waving a red flag.  Silly is it not?

What happens when you fly?  Is the TSA an admission of failure of a security factor in these times?  Of course not!

It is a fact that someone knows something all the time, especially in the case of those that wish to do harm to others.  Intelligence gathering starts with family members, friends, associates, co-workers and close ones.  Changes in personality show in many different ways and of course we notice when we are close or it affects the pattern of work.  Attitudes are a mark of concern, then why do we not show concern or share the worries?

Society hates snitchers!  

The truth is, snitchers are brave and concerned people and have common sense to want to protect their fellow man or woman.  We must increase the ability to spread the need for communication regarding the threats and the admission of potential threat is not a failure, it is a merit fueled move in the right direction. 

Protection of those we come in contact with, should be a human trait, but it seems business gets in the way and some, do not want to be seen to be weak or fail their masters by admission of the true risk.

In the aftermath of the IRA attempt in 1984 to kill the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher by planting a bomb in the hotel she was using in Brighton, the IRA (Irish Republican Army) released a statement. It ended with the words “You have to be lucky all the time. We only have to be lucky once.”

Can you afford to set yourselves up for failure?  Those in so called leadership positions, which include Police Chiefs, Education Superintendents, Politicians, and Corporate Leadership, please change your failed mindset regarding the threats in today’s unsocial society.  It will happen on your watch and you will wonder what the hell you did wrong!  Simple, you did nothing because you were afraid you did not want to upset the apple cart of life.

I stated at the beginning, “Sure, I have a horse in this race and I am by far, not the favorite!” 

CommSmart Global are on the stick for solutions to lessen the risk, we have amassed techniques, solutions and partners who have the wherewithal to address and resolve the issues at hand.  All you have to do is listen to those that have a different proven mindset and achieve their objects they are entrusted with. 

We Believe in the Duty of Care!

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