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The Internet of Bovine Slurry, Yes, B.S.!

The Internet of Bovine Slurry
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

Every single one of us is connected and has full responsibility for our actions. The Internet connects us all and there is no six degrees of separation!

Great statement, the truth is so sickening!

The End of Life is but the turning of a switch to the off position.  All actions are simplistic with most being final.

Man, Woman as well, have goals and aspirations to which we follow and only wish we could achieve.  It is the stumbling blocks that get i our way that cause the frustration, stress and failure.  

The ultimate responsibility for all, is YOU, no one else, just YOU!

It is truly the collision of Good and Evil on all levels.  Pedophiles to Putin, Terrorists to Tort Reform, Government Gaffs to Gullibility, Presidential Morons to Sheeple.  I believe you get the picture and whiff the odor.

As I have previously stated last year:

When I heard the name Clapper, well, I think you might be going in the same direction as I am.  Clap on, clap off…  Where does government find these people?  If government understood hiring practices, leadership and real communications, we would not be this Bovine Slurry of a situation!

Firstly, government wally’s believe we are all ignorant, unintelligent, and sheep.  They think we will believe whatever they say and if challenged, it is us, who are the problem and are the radicals.  Baa, is not part of my language and I am not a follower of government memos or fashion. 

If there was ever a Poster Child for Liars, Government hierarchy is on the front page!  Most people are not idiots!  Yes, I said most people.  Do not get me wrong, humans do have issues and there are pockets of morons everywhere.

Where is the TRUST?  It is certainly not within the present leadership, which is going downhill so fast, the ink is not drying on the page. It is uncanny to think that America and the world has come so far and still be so stupid!

Snitching, or as I like to look at it, telling the truth regarding concerns or highlighting problems, is part of human nature.  The trouble is, those that are the concern, label those that tell the truth, as busy bodies, snitchers with nothing better to do and should mind their own business.  


If we all stood by, there would be no USA, successful business, families, educated people and a level of common sense!  Is telling the truth regarding your concerns wrong?  No!  What is a concern, is how you go about it!

We must look at the ulterior motives.   If it is just to make a name for yourself, then it is wrong.  If it is that you are passionate and concerned for your fellow man and woman and this is the only way, then yes.

There is a place for the Whistle Blower.  People have to be treated with respect and not like cattle.  In the days of unionization, people where called Brothers and the Shop Steward stood up for the rights of the worker.  The agreement or rules between the union and the employer where set forth and no one crossed the line.  If they did, the error of their ways was highlighted and it was settled.  Where has all that gone?  The rule book is not be up-to-date and needs revising to reflect modern times. 

Bullying does not just go on in the playgrounds and hallways of our declining education system.  It goes on in the workplace and the halls of political haranguing. Lobbying is a form of bullying, government changing the rules to their liking, is bullying, the IRS demanding that you tell all on matters which fall under the privacies acts, is bullying and the list goes on.

So, if someone calls out government for stepping over the line on all of us, is it wrong?  Was the action of the individual legal?  Could it have been achieved another way?  Questions that will be discussed around the water coolers of the world as we run out of water to drink.

The Forefathers of America did it their way, their concerns of how another nation, Britain was using America and not allowing them to govern themselves and forge their own destiny.  They revolted, they took charge and fought for their God given rights and won.

The question is simple, where do you stand?  Are going to be a sheep and led to slaughter?  Are you part of a herd of Lemmings committing suicide and jump off the cliff?  Will you stand tall and stand up for your God given rights and not be bullied by anyone?

Your answer is awaited…

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