Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hacker's Successes Are More Dangerous Than ISIL or Any Other Terror Threat!

Hacker's Successes Are More Dangerous 
Than ISIL or Any Other Terror Threat!
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

This has been stated over and over again and cannot continue to be ignored!

The FBI stated this in 2012, the Hacker will replace the Terrorist as the Top Threat!  They already have, they are the #1 concern within the Internet of Things (IoT), but you would never know it if you talk to the so called top Chief Information Officers of multibillion dollar companies!

Why are they not shoring up their data, access to their valuables? Simple, they do not understand and suffer with the global disease of "I know it all and that is why I am paid the big bucks"!


One CTO of a major Fortune 500 company sent me a reply for a meeting request that we asked for with our global cyber team that is the US right now as follows:

There is no need for a meeting at this time.
Thank you for your interest.

That was it!  Just two lines, didn't even sign it!

The email request was sent to the total C-Suite of Executives of the company to introduce us and discuss the most major change in cyber security this side of 9/11.  

Is it not a CTO's job to have all knowledge?  For us to brushed away with two short sentences is not going to stand with me!

This is the typical attitude of CTO's that C-Suites and Boards are suffering with. CTO's think they have their own little world and control all others by stating, "this is beyond your comprehension or you would never understand."  

It is not!  

We must as corporations take all steps to secure our internal data servers, then as a nation and the world will be far more prepared for these cyber attacks, which affects us all!

Europe is setting up a centralized Cyber Terrorism Center and next year, 2016, the Data Protection Act will be in force.  You fail to protect your data and clients, the fines are up to 4% of your profits.  Don't laugh or smile, the majority of you will fail the litmus right now, so start investing in securing your future and protect your Brand!

Ask Target what their failure was, then ask Michael's, PF Chang, Home Depot, JP Morgan, Ashley Madison, Health Insurance companies,the US government, this list can fill many pages with those we know about, let alone those that have hidden the facts.

Let us go further to another reply from C-Level V.P. within an Ohio University:

This was over the phone:

We will have to have our IT Director present because we do not speak the same language when it comes to computers.

Hacking is the most serious threat to our economic existence and you do not understand?  Do you not comprehend that the information you store on your students in data servers is a goldmine to a hacker?

Securing information on computers and setting rules and regulations is the issue, that is why we have taken the human element out of the equation. Humans are failure in sticking to the rules.  They leave lights on, taps dripping, doors and windows wide open and wonder why there are security issues.

We do not speak gobbledygook, we speak English and explain with pictures if we have too!  Guess what, we have to in many cases, especially to our African clients.  

They have opened their arms to our solutions.  Because?  They listen and have seen the rest of the world fall into the arrogance trap.

We have tested for two years in Germany a secure portal or dashboard that works across all platforms.  The idea goes far further back to 1996 and today is the culmination of this secure work and is available to simplify and is affordable to all.

A secure means to use the Internet, applications and to communicate via audio, video and documents under one roof.  Military encryption levels (4096-bit RSA).

Importantly, securely across all devices from the Smartphone to the Desktop. Without using conventional and useless passwords.  That's right, we use Device DNA, a 2 SSL authentication which can include biometrics.

This opens the door for secure Bring Your Own Device, (BYOD), yes the personal Smartphone or any other device can be used in the corporate environment securely.

CTO's and IT heads of departments are not Gods! They believe that by acting in this manner they are fulfilling their own job protection.  Self centered and not looking after the company. Sadly they are your Weakest Link!

We are not interested in being your friends, as you can tell.  We passionately believe in Cyber Security and want to protect you, the Brand, your assets and your clients.  This is not personal, it is solid business!

Take serious responsibility, after all you should have respect for your fellow employees and your clients. 

Understand that C-Level Executives are employees too and serve the Board or owner.  

Take a deep breath and do your job and protect us all!  

There is No Six Degrees of Separation, we are all connected!

Our worldwide team is in Columbus, Ohio 'til Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

If you wish to meet we shall send you an NDA to sign and then be very happy to discuss Tomorrow's Security, Today.

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