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Obama Et Al, The Enemy Within!

Obama Et Al, The Enemy Within!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Since a leftist, dominating assemblage decided that, the United States of America, with a black president at the helm, that the world would be their oyster in socially changing the landscape of what once was a great nation, the decline is now visible and emerging to the intellects, who, previously could not see the wood for the trees.

The lyrics of the song state it so well, we are caught in a trap!

This last decade, the plans of a few clandestine chosen, have decimated the social structure of the American people.  Black, White, Latino, it does not matter whether you are a citizen or an illegal immigrant, times have not only changed, they has been burned a blight into what once was a thriving prosperous society.

This Democratic Party affiliated regime, has broken the back of what was once, the American Dream.  They have stolen the souls and minds of generations and taken the chance for the middle class and youth to every make it out of their growing and spreading social drug infested, murdering ghettos.  

There is more than one great divide in America, one was created by Mother Nature over hundreds and thousands of years.  The winds of time and fury of water eroded solid rock and carved a deep divide in the land, which, by the way is beautiful and sight to be seen.

The other is pure man-made hell!  Created by using psycho-anti-social information organizational techniques and tactics against its own people.  Dumbing them down and becoming so beholden on government that they cannot think for themselves.

It is in fact what we, Tracometry People, have created this for use against our enemies to gather chatter of the streets, which informs us of what the people or citizens are requiring and asking for.  This way, the planning and implementation is far simpler, effective and a far better use of resources.

What the Obama machine is doing and has done, is the reverse, they are broadcasting information, feeding the news media, filling You Tube and Blogs and websites with their created information and making the people believe it is true.  Which by the way is dis-information to dupe the American people into the “O” way of thinking.

The division between Black and White communities is very much part of the plan, Black president, Black power, controlled Black power, in fact worse than slavery.  The entitlements granted to the Black society that has more unemployment than Whites, massively more Blacks in prison than whites and a birth rate among Blacks that is off the charts, compared with Whites.  Do not get me started on the abortion statistics among Blacks, as they is sickening.

To get Obama elected, the Black community was given and promised so much and it was backed up by Black churches and their pastors, who thought Obama was the new messiah.  Have I got news for you! 

The likes of so-called Black leaders, Sharpton, Jackson and others who line their own pockets before they even think about the communities they once lived in, are a major cause of the problem.  If there is no conflict, these so-called cannot make a living and we need to make sure that they do not continue on this downward spiral.

You have an Attorney General who is showing his puppet master’s strings and never more evident than in the George Zimmerman trial.  Holder has made a mockery of the Black community and his fellow puppets are just merrily following along.

Why does our company take this position on the events of the last decade and the last eighteen months?  We know psycho-social information organizational techniques and tactics like the back of our hands.  Tracometry People invented and perfected it!

Like all things in life, when used in the correct manner, it is for the benefit of society and that is what we have been doing these last decades.
Using Atmospheric Noise Collection, psycho-social information organizing and gathering, (Chatter on the Streets), social medium information scraping (SMI), crime analytics, next event predictability and factual real time reporting.
This then enables to plan and proceed for the betterment of all.  Sadly this is not the case of the American government and the Obama administration.  

They may tell you they are worried about cyber-attacks against the nation, what they are not telling you is, they are using cyber-warfare against their own people.  It is a full blown information war, using perception management solutions in reverse and against the people.

Is there hope?  Of course there is, once you recognize the enemy’s tactics and planning.  The counter offence in this case is well documented within Tracometry People’s files and capabilities.  When someone is trying to use tools and solutions that you invented, they only have certain options, we hold the keys to bring the communities back, with all people working cohesively together.

Be warned that all you see and read is manipulation that continues until you pull the plug and rid ourselves of the rats…

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