Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pope 0 – 2 Problems - Two Strikes On Day One…

Pope 0 – 2 Problems - Two Strikes On Day One…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

22,000 plus security personnel who are in a reactive mud hole!   There is more riding on this secure event than any other event Brazil has ever or will host. 

How come the ability to place a device at a historical Roman Catholic sanctuary was only being checked a few days before the Pope was to visit, shows a total lack of security understanding.

Brazilian military police say they destroyed a small explosive device over the weekend after discovering the item in a bathroom near a sanctuary Pope Francis is scheduled to visit later this week.

The device was found in Aparecida, where Francis is scheduled to visit a historic Roman Catholic sanctuary Wednesday. It had "low destructive power" and wasn't in an area on the pope's route or in an area where pilgrims would be gathering, military police in the southeastern state of Sao Paulo confirmed to CNN.

The explosive was made from a small plastic cylinder wrapped in duct tape, they said.

"The artifact was sent to military authorities for verification," police said. "Security personnel quickly cordoned the area off."

It was a message to all, we have beaten your security blanket and proven our point that no one is safe!  This test run proved so many points and please tighten what security you have!

Tracometry People more than anyone want a successful visit by the Pontiff, but with our knowledge of the Brazilian security capabilities, it will be more than a miracle to succeed. 

It is all about PROACTIVITY!

If this was not bad enough, a Brazilian official says the mob scene witnessed as Pope Francis arrived in Rio de Janeiro took place because his driver made a wrong turn.

That's what Rio de Janeiro city Transportation Secretary Carlos Osorio states.  He says that the Fiat that Francis was riding in from the airport to the city center inadvertently turned into the wrong side of a 12-lane thoroughfare, known as Avenida Presidente Vargas.

Instead of taking the left lanes that were free of traffic, the car turned into the right lanes cluttered with buses and taxis, forcing the pontiff's car to stop.
Thousands of faithful who lined the streets then rushed the car, reaching into the pope's open window, many taking photos of him with their phones.

Hang on, the driver took the wrong turn?  Who was the driver and what training and information was shared with him prior to picking up the most important passenger you have every driven?  22,000 security forces and one driver who never attended the meetings on driving the planned route.  Was there not a rehearsal of this drive in?  Or was there a stand-in for the driver as well?

My suggestion to the Pontiff, take a bus, it seems you will be so much safer…

It is now day two, I just hope they have made some changes, but then Rome was not built in day…

I will take a deep breath and enjoy the rest of the case of Champagne in the celebration of the birth of a Royal prince.


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