Friday, April 13, 2018

Syria Attack! The Indicators & Facts Proved Our Point!

The Indicators & Facts Proved Our Point!

A world-wide collective decision has to be made on Syria.  Russia or Putin is holding a finger over the World-War Button to save face on his association with Assad.

Assad Must Go!  Who Will Replace Him?  Will we all be around to ever know if vital action is taken?

Recently and over the months and years, CommSmart Global Group has brought to your attention the violence and retaliation of people worldwide.  

The issues and data have been confirmed on the streets, the Chatter, Social Media Postings, Criminal Statistics and Next Event Predictability have sadly, but forthrightly, been on target.  We do not like telling you where events will occur and then the media reports the incidents that had been warned you about.

We knew that the Syria situation was going to happen, especially under President Trump's administration. 

Previous government leadership has caused the actions of Assad and Syria, knowing they could do whatever they pleased against their own people.

It is not that we are a company of doom and gloom, but it is the real-time facts!  It is time to listen and listen extremely carefully.

Our experience within Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Malaysia, Bahrain, the Caribbean Basin, Tunisia, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Liberia, Bulgaria and the former Russian states is vast and we have honed our skill-sets street level techniques and has resulted in our successes. 

As with our expertise in global conflicts, which have brought the abilities to fight terrorism, crime and societal community issues has made a radical difference. This why our crime-fighting techniques are so successful, we know what we are doing to bring Trust & Respect back to a necessary level of understanding.
That is why 'Atmospherics' was developed by us for use in conflicts around the globe.

It is about using common old fashion logic that is the human element intertwined with the CommSmart Global Group's forward-thinking technology.  

It starts with the most basic core value of leadership and communications.  You cannot introduce successful changes unless your inner individuals understand leadership and communication values that protect you and those at your side.  Oil and water just do not mix, we allow for the new personal skill-sets to co-mingle and result in the productive use of resources.

The world is becoming more violent each and every day that goes by and the masses with terrorists are testing the waters of society.  

Syria is the perfect example of the government and rebels trying the patience of global leadership with a disgusting use of banned weapons in the last eighteen months.  A massive attention right now must be focused to alleviate and quash the situation.  This is a perfect example of how CommSmart Global Group makes that difference, we know where to collect the Atmospheric Noise, the social activity via social media and the individuals involved.  

This is proactivity at its best!

This is not a time in history to be working on your own time clock, there is no siesta or napping that can go on.  No meeting should be unattended or missed, this is important and front-line action is required.  It is a time to be proactive and collecting the information, analyzing, reporting and working the plan of action is necessary.

CommSmart Global Group is not one person but a well-oiled international team that cohesively and with precision tackle the pending potential problems.  It is not a job to any one of the international team, it is because they care and know what can be achieved through their collective experience. 

Did you read the news today? 

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