Monday, April 16, 2018

It is Not Just Another Monday Morning!

It is Not Just Another Monday Morning!

If the Syria bombings concerned you at the end of last week, you had better be ready for a hell of a lot more concerns to raise, what to some, are their ugly heads.

Maybe the news that Barbara Bush, a great first lady, and everyone's Grand-Mother is not doing too well healthwise brought a sigh to you or a tear to your eye, then you still have a heart.

Last night it was an interview that many are talking about regarding the ex-FBI Director and his claims to sell his book.

It was not just another weekend!

For decades, indecisiveness has been an American illness by former government leadership or lack of it.  The likes of rogue states, Iran, Syria, Russia, China, Pakistan etc., have been allowed to do whatever they please in trade sanctions and tariffs, to the detriment of the citizens of America.  

Now, we have a businessman at the helm that has laid out the agenda to make 'America Great Again'.  Defending our rights for 'free trade' is a major part of the ongoing success required.  Then there are the war crimes in using chemical weapons when told to never use them again. 

If you thought Donald Trump just had to wave a magic wand and all would be right with the world, then you must be dreaming that anyone, including Trump, had such a wand.  No, it is not an extension of his successful 'reality show'!

You are right, Trump is not a politician, he is a solid businessman that makes core decisions when looking and analyzing all the facts, listening to his team and only then, the decision and actions are his.

We are seeing the opposition from the spoiled former inside brats, who lost the election and cannot get it out of their head that Trump is president.

This is 2018 and the world is a different place with different players, like children, they have been chastised and will be brought into check.  Their child-like behavior must not be taken lightly, they are not kicking a football or playing stickball, they have powerful weapons in their countries playbox.

The 'Cold War' is back if you play in the same arena.  America is not in the same pathetic arena anymore!  Terms and conditions have been voiced and the 'Red Line' is solid and don't you dare cross it!  

Even America's so-called partners have their own agendas and must be scrutinized every step of the way.  Stability is far away, leadership is not!

All that being said, the business must and will continue, knowing we all have goals and aspirations to achieve for us all.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner and all of our attributes in the world of technology stand tall, have a solid agenda to accomplish our corporate and client goals.  

We do not drive forward by looking in the rear-view mirror.  Focused and aware of all our demanded landscape make us recognizers who continually focus on our achievable collective goals.

No, it is not just another Monday Morning!

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