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Corruption – Time To Say Goodbye…

Corruption – Time To Say Goodbye…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Even those with some semblance of intelligence have go to admit, we are surrounded by corruption at all levels.   From cradle to grave it surrounds us, consumes and spits out those that fight it and degrades us all.

It has been said that you cannot fight city hall, that is correct, when those within the boundaries of political office are more corrupt than you want to think about.  Oh, there are do-gooders among us, sadly they are surrounded by deeply manipulative individuals who prey on the naivety of the one man or woman who believes that they on their own, can make a difference.  They cannot!

The say you know where you stand with the Mafia and that is so true.  I once meet John Gotti, mob and crime boss, it was a Sunday afternoon and my
father-in-law’s neighbor, Chris came across the street and asked us all over for a drink and snacks to introduce us to family, his son’s Godfather. 

Yes, John Gotti, the well-dressed Teflon Dapper-Dan of crime and intimidation.  His resume was long and it was a shock to meet the man face to face, although I had no beef with him or his half a dozen minders, who were certainly packing and I do not mean suitcases.  It was cordial small talk and I believe all of us could not wait to get back across the street to the safety and sanctity of the house.  I stood in the same room as an icon of corruption and none of it rubbed off!

Crime bosses are no different than politicians, it is what they can get out of their endeavors for themselves.  It starts off innocently enough on wanting to be successful, it grows as the pot gets bigger and the schemes get deeper and involve more people, who become reliant on the plans and the residual revenues.

In my day, it was all about bullying and lunch money.  If you did not want to get hurt you paid one day a week of your lunch money to bully, you went without lunch to be safe and not get beaten up.  If the bully put the squeeze on you for more, you paid.  I did not!

My school bully was Michael Farman, who had a collection of minders and Yes-Men, who did his begging for him.  I had a dislike for this Farman character the first day I set eyes on him and heard him squeezing a geeky kid for money.  I challenged him and told him that he was not the school bully and to go to hell.  Little did I know that would be a day that I remembered oh so well.  In the lunch break he challenged me to fight over it, his collective cronies gathered, formed a circle around us and wanted the battle to begin and end in the usual way of Farman beating his opposition.

As Farman took of his school uniform blazer, I landed a foot in his testicular zone, which created a sigh of pain from the gathered crowd, my next move was a knee to his face which brought him back up from the bent pain of grabbing his zone and I landed one punch to his face, which hurt me like hell.  He fell back, his posse rushed to aid him, I turned and walked back into the school.  Mr. Budds was on the entrance door and asked if I was alright and go get some lunch.

It was not long before I was summoned to the Headmaster’s office, sitting in the waiting area was Farman, whose face was marked from the one and only punch.  My hand still was throbbing from the direct hit and had a redness to it.  The headmaster was not pleased and asked directly of who called for the fight, which I replied Farman did.  After some very direct questions, Farman admitted he had intimidated me and I was defending myself, well sort of. Remember, I do not fight by the Marquis of Queensbury Rules!  I was dismissed by the Headmaster without any punishment, which would have been three strikes on my rear with a cane.  Farman was not so lucky!

Corruption can be fought by one person when they set a precedent for change and show the true colors of others.  The removal and exposure of these individuals is more than necessary and immediate.  Corruption spawns insurgency and gang activity and is the next elevation of this evil thorn in society’s side.  It is to this end that to remove both the insurgency and gang activity you must at the same time disconnect the snake heads of political corruption and clean house.

Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, New York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Houston, Orlando, Rio, Bahrain, Cairo, Benghazi, Nairobi, Port of Spain, Johannesburg et al!  If I missed your city name, forgive me, but who wants to be on such a list of corruption, insurgency and gang wars?

Tracometry People do not walk around with their eyes closed.  They are fresh eyes with the experience to resolve the issues through an international team that has decades of experience in such matters and cannot be bought off.  This is not an easy task and the admission of the leaders that they have these problems is extremely hard.  It is the solutions and resolutions that Tracometry People enact for the benefit of all.

The people on the streets know it, they live among the tension, crimes and killings, while others pocket ill-gotten revenues by preying on their own people. 

Gangs are nasty people, gang wars even nastier!  Innocent people die and the scars of crime linger for a long, long time, if you do not act to rid yourselves of the blight now!

The Pied Piper had the right plan to rid the town of the rats and to be genuinely paid for his services to bring peace and harmony back to the citizens which they demand and deserve.  

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