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White Sticks, Guide Dogs & Hearing Impairment - Guidelines For Law Enforcement & Prosecution Teams?

White Sticks, Guide Dogs & Hearing Impairment
Guidelines For Law Enforcement & Prosecution Teams?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

This is meant with no disrespect to those that are physically challenged with sight or hearing disabilities.

Where did it all go wrong?  Even when a crime is committed right in front of witnesses eyes, recorded on CCTV cameras and the preponderance of evidence is overwhelming, law enforcement and the prosecution fail to convict!  What has happened to right and wrong and pure social values? Oh, that is right, there are none!

Turning a blind eye is the norm it seems.  Doing one’s job doesn’t matter anymore!  The Monty Python phrase “A Nod’s as good as wink to blind man”, has never been so apt.  Has life’s vales been so diminished that bribery, corruption and sheer wanton allowance of crime against humanity is playing out in front of our eyes and we do nothing?

Who is fooling who?

The Environmental Protection Agency is worried about polluted rivers, toxins buried underground, whilst on the surface, so called man is getting away with Blue Bloody Murder!

Yet another shooting in any city worldwide is now common place.  Gunshots are heard and ignored each and every minute of the day and night.  One senseless killing of an Australian, brings home a simple message as reported in the Daily Mail:

Three teens charged over the murder of 'college baseball star shot dead because they were BORED'

“Duncan Police say it appears the boys were keeping a log of the crimes on their Facebook pages and believe they killed an animal before shooting Chris.
They also think they were planning to kill again just four hours after his murder.

James Edwards tweeted on last Tuesday - just two days before the shooting - that he was 'With my n*****s when it's time to start taken life's [sic].'
His Facebook profile is filled with pictures of him making gang signs, holding guns and wads of cash and he even has a Vimeo of him brandishing a shotgun.

Chancey Luna's Facebook also features pictures of him - sometimes with Edwards - making gang signs.

But two of the accused teens' parents insist they were not involved in the killing, according to

'That's my baby boy,' said the mother of Chancey Luna, who is accused of firing the single bullet from a handgun into Chris' back.

She said her son was not in a gang and could not have been the one who pulled the trigger - as has been suggested - and doesn't even believe he is involved in the shooting.”

Then thousands of miles away in an island paradise, more senseless killings are going on, all gang related.  Arrests made and then we now know most released through lack of evidence.

Trinidad and Tobago opposition leader is quoted in the Trinidad and Tobago Express:  

“ONLY a “blind” Police Service would arrest a man for the same crime twice in two years and still not have any evidence to ensure proper charges can be laid.

So said Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday, in response to the fact that 59 out of 101 people arrested in East Port of Spain from last Thursday to Sunday have been freed without being charged.

Among the high-profile arrests last Thursday were suspected gang members 38-year-old Cedric “Burkey” Burke and Anthon Boney.

Burke was released on Sunday.”

“Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has vowed to crack down on crime on east Port of Spain and, in keeping with her promise, will return to the area today to meet with the people.

According to a release from the Office of the Prime Minister, Persad-Bissessar said the killings must not continue and every effort will be made to deal with this pressing situation.

“I think it is important that I return to east Port of Spain to listen to the complaints and to see what we as a Government can do to assist,” stated Persad-Bissessar.

“My last visit was very emotional as it came just days after seve­ral teenagers were killed. This cannot continue, and we must find a way to deal with it very effectively. I am hopeful that at the end of this meeting, some solutions can be offered to the residents there,” she added.

Last Thursday, Persad-Bissessar visited Duncan Street, Port of Spain, where she met the families of young teenagers, including a pregnant 16-year-old, who were recently murdered in the area.”

This trend that is spreading to all corners of the world can be nipped in the bud by doing the right thing.  You have heard that time and time again and is normally used for show or as an appeasement statement by a politician.  In this case, it is Tracometry People who are stating fact that an outside source, can and will stop this senseless lawlessness.  We go back to what the people want!  If you are not listening the streets and dealing with it right there and then, it festers and becomes ten times worse! 

It is difficult to deal with situations that you are close to, you cannot see the wood for the trees and ignoring it and praying it is get better on its own, is foolish!

Bribery, corruption, insurgency and gang related situations are rife and out of control.  Planning has to be a priority, solid planning without personal attachment.  Folks, it is a war zone out there, whether you like it or not, harsh measures have to be used to quell the growing problem.

Remember, you might not read or see the next event on the news, it could have been you!

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