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It Starts Somewhere With Someone…

It Starts Somewhere With Someone…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

No, things just don’t happen!  We are not going to review the old saying of the chicken or the egg syndrome.  It is always an idea first, a suggestion or one man’s plan that is proposed, discussed and put into action.  The initial concept grows and becomes disgust/hatred or a brilliant business idea which then grows over time.  It is not just shared with one or two people, it is
mentioned to others to gain momentum, be altered and perfected.  Or to raise capital, so it can become a reality and deliver the plan or dastardly deed.

In today’s world, ideas, information situations and news, both in words and pictures are flash across our minds, vision, conversation and social media plays the major role in propelling the news.  It is the speed of now that is concerning and grasped by individuals and they follow through without even thinking of what they are getting themselves into.

Yesterday was the perfect example of the bad side of planning.  Cairo and the Muslim Brotherhood, who took to the streets.  We saw how a government dealt with the issue at hand.  This of course began with the planning of the Arab Spring uprising, the development and forward thinking took place many, many months ago.  The demonstrators knew the risk and were so hyped for what they believe is their right, over 638 died for their cause.

The Egyptian government was ready armed and not going to allow the protesters to rule the day.  A bloodbath ensued and through yesterday and today the newspapers, Internet websites, blogs and social media is filled with video, photographs and articles on the day of violence.  This is not the residual effect that was wanted as the last impression of democracy.

Bahrain, who has been subjected to violent issues by demonstrators, which included killings, bombs and fires, has just thwarted a day of protest by being proactive to a point.  It can happen anywhere at any time, if you do not have the means to understand the chatter of the streets.

What started as a Moral Compass, ended in this technology age as an Immoral GPS defined event that has stained the world for both sides.  The real issues of both sides is hidden by the bodies and blood that ruins down the streets of a nation.  Democracy was thrown out of the window and violence on both sides was born with fury in mind.

Prior to the first Arab Spring events, information was on the streets, someone, somewhere with common sense and not a clouded mind on the issues, knew what the plan was.  They knew that people would die and they said nothing!  They had the chance to apply the brakes and didn’t even apply pressure to the pedal.  It was all to freewheel and crash and burn, right in front of the world.  
Incidents through social media take on a life of their own if allowed to fester.

Tracometry People has a forward thinking solution that has been proven in the war zones of the world.  Simply collecting street level information, the chatter of the streets directly from the people themselves.  Atmospheric Noise Collection has proven time after time to work during conflicts and war, Tracometry People have perfected the art during peace time and use it with the Social Medium Information Gathering (SMIG).  This is social media scraping, knowing what is being discussed via social media, Twitter, Facebook etc., blogs and personal websites.  This information is then analyzed in real time, reported on and solutions are put into place, including Next Event Predictability.  It is not placed in data silos to be forgotten and ignored, it is there to be utilized now!

You cannot allow anarchy to prevail and become the driving force of a few and over run the majority.  Protests and riots start with the furious and so called down trodden people.  Do not get me wrong, not all governments have the citizen’s rights in mind. There are those that misuse the power afforded to them and need to be challenged through due process.

Insurgency and gang activity is rising by leaps and bounds worldwide and has to be curtailed or it will be totally out of control.  The likes of Al Qaeda are infiltrating all levels and are taking advantage of the missed opportunities by nations, cities and communities of rebuilding society.

Business and corporations are as guilty as nations and what can be a wonderful idea and plan, can be turned into a nightmare for all.

The requirements to be able to act before the events occur are here.  Tracometry People understands the issues and has the ability to work hand in hand with you to be the catalyst for a safer future for all.

WE are in the NOW and
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