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The Photographic Scars Harm Both Sides…

The Photographic Scars Harm Both Sides…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Today is just starting, (August 14th, 2013), Cairo, Egypt is dominating the headlines in world news, deaths, pictures of smoke, fire and people being carried from demonstrations on the streets.  To us, that is a normal headline from somewhere in this decade.  People who are challenging their government by protesting and believing that their protest will be heard.  Sadly, in most cases they have been infiltrated by outside sources whose agenda is far different from theirs.

Bahrain is teetering on the edge of violent protests and as a nation has suffered many individual attacks, including unsophisticated bombs and fires.  Syria continues in its bloodbath, Iraq is suffering the worst bombings this year and is expecting even more.  Nigeria has seen an uptick in violence and shootings and most of these are a surprise to the government.  Tunisia was in shock last month in political assassinations and the unrest that followed.  Trinidad and Tobago had 12 murders in 72 hours, the majority gang related, with gang on gang suspected.  The Caribbean is suffering with gang related crimes and this is increasing. Britain had its killing in the street and Northern Ireland is back to violence in their streets last week.
The picture is far too clear that events that are going on are only increasing and in all parts of the world and someone knew it was going to happen before it began. 

Iran is promoting violence in the region and it is being seen more openly in this action.  Al Qaeda is gaining a stronger foothold in both Africa and the Middle East and are openly fighting as core units.

Whether it is insurgency or gang related, it is all part of the same problem as the two are deeply connected. These same situations are also on the streets of Any Town USA or in the world.  Gangs are trying to dominate the crime statistics and can be stopped and curbed.

It can be likened to an iceberg, a small proportion above the water and a mass below.  It is the unheard and unseen that causes the complications.  The concerns of the citizens once known about, can be tackled with authority, meaning you know the root cause and can address these issues before they become festering sores on the side of society.

Tracometry People, as the name implies, is all about people.  We are listeners, street level listeners that have a stable of tools that guide us to resolution and solution to deal and understand the issues, before they happen.

What do people, the human race do best or maybe worse?  Communicate or fail to communicate, insomuch they really do not really listen or totally ignore what they hear.  Knowledge of what the streets are saying is exactly where it is at! 

Our team includes those that perfected Atmospheric Noise Collection (Chatter on the Streets), in Iraq and Afghanistan and other concerning places we will not discuss.

From that initial report of what is being discuss by the people, the citizens themselves, is collected via human means and social mediums.  It is Tracometry People’s ability to scrape this information from the social actions of the people that is the core of our leadership and communication attributes.  It is then, in real time, analyzed, reported and actioned, including Next Event Predictability

This is our expertise, the full path of understanding, techniques and solutions.  Never has there been such an international team that has the empathy of both sides to curb these ongoing problems that once started take on the enormity of situations to stop it.

Cohesive understanding from both Tracometry People and our clients starts with a full appreciation of leadership and communications.  This being established allows both to work on the resolution in a team spirited manner.  It is a logical approach that kindles the results all of us require and deserve.
To give you a further perspective of the issues of unrest is simple, insurgency and gangs is virtually the same and are dealt with in the same manner.

The difference between Al-Qaeda and MS-13, Bloods, Crips, etc. is negligible.  Both groups:

1)  Seek out prime areas in which to operate (low security, poor economic conditions and under-educated population)

2)  Offer token assistance to the locals in terms of security and financial assistance (to include paying new members to perform illicit tasks)

3)  Expand their enterprise through illegal and antisocial means (kidnapping, murder for hire, trafficking in persons, drugs, etc.)

4)  Extort local business to support their effort (Al Qaeda does this very effectively)

5)  Once established, find politicians that can be bought, co-opted, threatened, etc. to ensure the group's longevity

6)  Control the local messaging to effectively blame others for the conditions in the area where the group is operating (churches, mosques, community leaders) and kill/marginalize any local opposition or conflicting message

7)  Separate the leadership from the "street soldier" - middle "management" takes on the role of issuing orders, compartmentalization occurs, the leaders take on a more public role but not associate with the events they are in fact controlling (plausible deniability) 

8)  The group, having reached saturation in a given area, will begin to use its resources to expand into the next area where the cycle continues

The requirements to be able to act before the events occur are here.  Tracometry People understands the issues and has the ability to work hand in hand with you to be the catalyst for a safer future for all.

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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