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There Are Good Somebodies Out There.

There Are Good Somebodies Out There.
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

To most, the closing of our embassies in the Middle East and Africa is just a run of the mill government reaction to distract the American people from the at home issues.  It is and it is not.

For individuals to state that Al-Qaeda is on the run and America and its allies are in control is insanity!  Like a red rag to a bull, making those type of pathetic statements is causing the terroristic issues against the western world increase. 

Let us be clear, people who hate us are alive, well and planning our demise on a minute by minute basis.

For a moment, stop thinking global attacks, just look at what we are doing to each other via social media.  Bullying, which terrorism is the extreme version of is being seen in all avenues of life, school, workplace and the home among siblings. 

Let’s face it, we don’t seem to have a good word for anyone!

Any time someone can get that dig in, or slight someone just to be nasty, they will.  The Internet is the perfect example, as many believe every single thing that is written of course is true.  Believe you me, there are sadistic bastards out there who write the most ridiculous lies and statements, which are so far from the truth just to be nasty.  You can see them wringing their hands as they type this crap.

There are Twitter and Facebook Trolls who are attacking people they do not know and are basically sick minded morons. They have no idea how people who are being attacked in this manner are reacting and what it does to their lives.  I know, the old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”.  Sadly they do!

The Daily Mail reported: Internet attacks have dominated the news in the past week as a number of high-profile women have been on the receiving end of vicious trolling. They have been subjected to a litany of lewd sexual suggestions, as well as threats of rape and murder.

Writer and feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez was threatened on Twitter following her success in lobbying to have Jane Austen put on the new £10 note. Then, Labour MP Stella Creasy was subjected to similar abuse after intervening in the debate.

Shortly afterwards, academic and television historian Mary Beard outed Oliver Rawlings – a privately educated 20-year-old – to her 44,000 Twitter followers after he called her a ‘filthy old sl*t’ on the micro-blogging site.

Before long, several female journalists who had written about the trolling received tweets saying that bombs had been planted outside their homes.

Now Melissa is speaking out about the abuse people are suffering from cyber-bullies. ‘Bullying hurts no matter how strong, thick-skinned, brave or articulate you are,’ she adds. ‘I know I’m not a kidnapper or a prostitute and don’t think I deserve to be dead. But some days I just don’t have the energy to deal with this.

‘Public bullying has widespread implications that affect whole circles of loved ones, not just the individual. That’s why it’s so serious.

Twitter yesterday agreed to introduce the measure and UK boss Tony Wang promised to do more to tackle the abuse, which he called ‘simply not acceptable’.

‘Lawyers, judges, the police, and Twitter all need to become more responsible and more responsive,’ Melissa says.

‘If you’re a cyber-bully there should be some sort of online “badge” so you’re easily identifiable. It’s not OK to be an invisible person behind a computer screen and expect there to be no repercussions.

‘Of course there are levels. Being able to express opinions is one of the great things about Twitter. But to go from “I don’t like your view” to “I’m going to find you and rape you”?’

‘Commercially, Twitter is fabulous,’ she says. ‘I use it for information-gathering and it’s a great resource, but it’s also a public platform with a social responsibility.

‘What I have learnt from all this is that cyber-bullying can happen to anybody, but everybody can rise above it. This experience has made me stronger, more discerning and a better person. In no way is this a victory for the trolls.’

So where do stand on this?  Simple, we stand our ground and do not give the bully’s any merit in the social media.  They have no testicular fortitude whatsoever.

On terrorists who wish to harm us physically, we take as much notice and defend ourselves.  It is the proactivity of others who are protecting your interest and we must listen, even if the politicians are not telling us all the details.

Right now by broadcasting the so called Intel threats is showing that Al Qaeda is still alive, well and lethal in winning the war against us.  Terror is rampant and the leaks of the threats harms us all.  This information should have been kept close to our chest and dealt with.  Politicians have no idea of the background to releasing this information and do more harm than good. 

We do!  You will never see us share the Intel we collect with the public, our clients are well informed to be the proactive professionals that they are.

There Are Good Somebodies Out There…

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