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We Are Big And Ugly Enough To Be Told The True Facts And Not Feed Bovine Slurry Any More!

We Are Big And Ugly Enough To Be Told The True Facts And Not Feed Bovine Slurry Any More!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Doing Police Work is Sh*t!  

It has come down to chasing your own tail hoping you will be given that important break.  The clock is always ticking and there never seems to be the positive feedback, even from your peers.  Too much going on and no time to work the leads.  It is rather strange that in this results driven society, we cut back on resources on the most important subject matter in public safety and technical and physically it is costing us all.

Being reactive is overpowering in the energy spent, time wasted and spending resources you can ill afford.  It is hard work with little respect or results.

Proactivity, planning, collecting information and analyzing in real time makes a radical difference and proven results.  So why are agencies stuck in a void of unproductive tail chasing? 

The old days of the beat cop worked, they knew everyone on their beat and when crime occurred, they knew who it was and where to look to solve the issues.

Now mix proven technology with foot patrols, leadership and first class communications, chatter on the streets, social media scraping, analytics, next event predictability and you have the conclusive elements for success.  Crime patterns do change!  The fact of the matter is, you are being told crime is going down.  Really?  It might be going down because it is not being reported as the public has lost faith in the public safety departments or the figures are being altered.

What if you told the public the truth?  Not the political truth, the real down to earth facts of what is really going on in their communities and cities.  You have commanders of districts and regions cooking the bookings with statistics, telling the analyst to make them look good for the bosses.  Change this number and fudging the real facts!

Who is that helping? No one!  They are placing the public and officers who are doing their job in jeopardy. I was at a meeting in April, 2013 with a city official who made the exact statement that he wanted to stop the falsehoods of cooked books of command staff, who were changing the stats of their districts to look good and give the politicians what they wanted to hear.  It is going on in every City, USA and you are putting up with it and turning a blind eye to the collusion of dishonesty.

The politicization of crime fighting has to be stopped in its tracks if we are to gain a foothold on the true violence within society.  Recent crimes and court cases have been thrown into the spotlight and we have seen sections of deranged society jumping up and down about racism and black on black crime, by an element of society that want to show that black society is being picked on and lied to.  So far from the truth!

The fact of the matter is there is racism rampant in America and being fueled by so called black naysayers who make their living in pouring more gasoline on the fire of hatred.  Yes, men of the cloth, pastors, church leaders who would not have a congregation or a paycheck if they did not preach on black issues and put down all others in society.  Real statistics prove the point, but these people do not want the reality or realism of the deep seated problems.

There are the two aspects of why society is going to hell in hang basket, especially in the Untied States of America.  Disconnected and do-gooders who tell the rest of the world what their problems are.  Fudged reports and facts and a core of society that are fueling the fire, allowing communities to fall apart and fail.  These people, us, are being preyed upon and they think we do not know about it or what is going on. 

How wrong they are!

So that is the ranting raving, what are you going to do about it?  Yes, you!
There are those that are doing something in the positive and have amassed a team to fight these issues worldwide.  Tracometry People is not the normal every day team of people who see the issues in the same way.  It is with fresh eyes, decades of expertise and not beholden to politics or master that just wants to look good.

Former Metropolitan Police officers, top former FBI, former police crime analytical developers, Military Intelligence operatives, Counter Insurgence personnel social media analysts, lawyers, and media specialists to name but a few.  This international team is diverse, listeners and have the ability to solve the issues, simply because they have no preconceived ideas of the issues only how to arrive at the solution. 

It is pure logical in understanding that rules the day and the topics. 

There is the difference, they all care...

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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