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Arrogance, Tea and No Cigar… Politics in America

Arrogance, Tea and No Cigar…
Politics in America
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies.

Outside influences rage on all that we do.  Tripwires, pitfalls and obstinacy besiege those that have been elected to oversee how our nation can run effectively and efficiently for the people.   After all, it is the People's country.  Foolishly we have allowed these individuals to have free rein to dupe us, lie, cheat and steal, all in the name of democracy. 

When arrogance and megalomania abound, the outcome is predictable and as we are experiencing right now, it is a childish tug of war of words and tit for tat. The even sadder part of all this is quite simple, they don't recognize that they are the main part of the problem.

Look, we all have issues on one level or another and Barack Obama has the most arrogant chip on his shoulder that has to be removed surgically forthwith.  Simply knocking it off has failed and been an absolute waste of time, money and effort.  America and its citizens have been dragged down lower than at any time in its post war history and its People and fed up with the excuses and statements that it is for their our own good.  It is not!

Revolution springs to mind as when words fail constantly it is time to take a two by four and whack the offending party over the head to glean their attention.  Sadly they are too stubborn to know what had hit them in the first place and would take hit after hit, thinking something good was coming from it.

What is not required is more of the same actions over and over again.  America has been run on a defined two party system that up until 1939 worked pretty well for a young country.  We must not forget that the Founding Fathers left the Citizens of America a document that is so delicate, its contents and rights must be upheld without excuse or denial.  This is a foundation for the people, by the people and let no one change one single word or syllable upon penalty of death!

Grandstanding by individuals with leadership aspirations and to further their own stature is not required.  What is required is true leadership, grassroots with common sense overtones and the true spirit of what America was built on.

It is an insult to have party aligned by the name of tea.  Immediately, the Boston Tea Party is brought to mind and this grassroots organization is miles apart from what occurred in Boston and it is a disgrace and foolish to think otherwise. 

Being tea drinker, it is abysmal to use the word tea in this substitutive world.  Tea is a sacred beverage made from specially grown leaves from certain parts of the world.  Like fine wine, tea leaves hold properties and flavors to which we have sampled and understood their calming and healing properties.  It is the leaf, which like a good tobacco leaf for a quality cigar, has grown in the air and landscape, absorbing the natural aromas and well tilled soil within its region, giving of the final flavors, once it is laid out to dry.  It is a precise art form that only craftsmen and women are blessed with.

When I hear someone associate tea and politics, there is nothing more opposite in terms and I know they are gasping at something they are not.  Politics is far from refined and you only have be watching the political shenanigans regarding ObamaCare and Deficit Spending to realize the skullduggery of the Washington Morons. 

It has been proven that Washington D.C., politics and personality change go hand in hand.  Once elected the power of office and what it can do them and not the people who elected them, surges through their bodies and minds.  There is a simple cure that is in the hands of the people, removal from office and period being anybody, ignored by all and plunged into ice cold oblivion.

Someone I associate with, who is in the medical profession and a true Englishman, although he deals with those that have left us, Ducky stated when he saw someone with a teabag, which was not tea so he states, it was nothing more than dust.  Yes, tea dust!  An insult to the tea consumer or aficionado.  The leftovers or the sweepings off the floor.  It was not quality enough for a main stream tea or a fine hand-rolled cigar, purely discarded and trampled on and then sold to an unsuspecting consumer.  Yes, just like politics!

That is how I see this third party that is attempting to undermine the American citizens and cause conflict with one conservative party they are surely aligned with, but on a lower rung of the ladder, so to speak.  It is their belief, that you say something enough times and loud enough, it will become believable.  It will not!  They are cruising for a bruising, but not before they and the White House leadership have ruined a Nation, bled it dry, put current citizens in more personal debt, with it extremely hard to make ends meet and left nothing for the children of the future.  All in the form of arrogance and kindergarten behavior.  Childish, obstinate sycophants.

It is not that I am opposed to other parties that enter the political arena, it is the manner and manifesto that they used to misguide the people.  Liars springs to mind!

ObamaCare is a non-starter because it is a badly stolen format from several other National Health Systems which have or are failing by the minute.  To change medical costs in America has to start with how the system is used by the general public, or should I say misused.

The other and more important factor is how medical billing is approached in this extremely litigious society.  Every step of the way you are billed separately for every single facet at exorbitant rates.  Yes, commercial rip off comes to mind.

I was asked the other if my blog was still active, I replied, yes, it is has been left idle for a period of extreme busyness and really a disgust of the actions from the President down that has silenced my fingers, but not my mind. 

It is time for major change in the structure of America, placing the rights of the people back in their hands as laid out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  You might find it strange that a British Citizen and resident of America would use this words and even have these thoughts, well, be surprised for only a moment and go back and understand the Founding Fathers objectives and wishes to protect this land.

Among us are defined leaders who have the expertise of government, business and the well being of a Nations People.  Many you already know and are not in office as we speak.  Radicals are not required, it is proven that conservative thinkers do best in office and not liberal dreamers who are one step away from communism or leftist views.

It is the return of the People to the Peoples House and prove that Americans have the will and fortitude to bring back the solid nation this once was.  People working for a far days pay and losing the word entitlements from American culture. 

Nothing is more enlightening than working people, who have food in their bellies and the laughter of children surrounding a community.

Come on America bring back what once has been and will be again

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