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What Part Of Success Do You Want? Why Do You Continue To Push It Away?

What Part Of Success Do You Want?
Why Do You Continue To Push It Away?
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies.

Take a deep breath and answer the question!  Success, why are you afraid of being successful?  Is this a phobia that just will not go away?  It seems there are people who work in the opposite direction and want failure! 

It is like the salesman or woman who has the most fantastic sales and marketing pitch and just cannot or will not ask for the sale!  

They cannot close the deal!

Look, not everything we do in life is perfect and we certainly are not right all the time.  Then there are some that believe they can do no wrong, mostly politicians and current presidents are certainly the head of the line and among the mix.

As we age, we are learning to listen more and selectively choosing our battles.  It is our acceptance of failure that seems to have increased and the fight within, and is without effort.  It is the positive attitude that is necessary to believe in your products, services and capabilities.  

We do not need spin, we need the truth and utilize the positive capabilities of all.  It is with knowledge, collected knowledge at your fingertips that allows you to make those successful decisions, which are scattered through history. 

Edison, Tesla, Fords, Firestone, Dyson, Branson, Buffet, Gates, Jobs, Allen, Ashton, van de Kam, Keene and the list goes on and will never be completed.  It is the personal traits of us all that should drive us to the elusive successes through perseverance and determination. 

Success comes by listening to yourself and those around you, and then putting it into action!  

Words are just words,
actions come from doers!

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