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The Healing Starts From Within…

The Healing Starts From Within…
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group of Companies

They say “home is where the heart is”.  What if the home is not conducive to happiness?  If the mental and social attitude is so low and depressing, how can you go out each day, work, that is if you have a job and do that job to the best of your ability?  You cannot!

I do not care if you are the butcher, baker or the candlestick maker, if mentally, you are not in a fit state of mind, then you are doing no service to yourself,  bosses or the job you are supposed to be doing and being paid for. 

What if you are a police officer who is so depressed, fixing your life with alcohol or drugs and going out to serve a warrant?  Are you in a fit state to do that?  Are you twitchy and anything could happen at the slightest noise or action by those around you?  Your ability is diminished to the point of downright dangerous to all that you work with.

You are a surgeon who, to keep your supposed correct state of mind, you are self-medicating with booze or pills?  Can your patient or the hospital trust your judgment? 

This is also a concern with anyone who is in charge of anything, the crane operator, daycare worker, teacher, Mayor or any single person in a job with authority, managerial or supervisory obligations.  No matter where you look, there is a problem!

Once, we trusted doctors, lawyers, judges, police officers, bosses and our own family.  No more!  The TRUST is gone in this unsocial depraved society!
So how do we return to normality?

Admission of the problems with a strong come to Jesus meeting or whoever your God is necessary.  We are kidding ourselves every single day that all is well.  Worldwide the problems are the same on differing levels, issues, resolvement, integrity and a reality of how deep the complications are will be the first step.

The simple question is “Mirror, mirror on the wall, just how messed up am I?”  This was asked by a wicked queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  The only difference was it is was a talking mirror, you do not have the luxury of that.  What you do have is an honest reverse reflection of you.  The answer is within the reflection and with your honest answer if you wish to be told the truth from your mind and heart.

No, not self-medication!  It is a self-realization of your own façade of denial.  This human defense mechanism that is part of all our DNA’s.  Once you accept this, the road to recovery is simple.  It is checks and balances of social acceptance, knowing right from wrong and consequential aptitude of change for you and all that are in your social and work circles.

The Healing Starts From Within is not just a throw-away statement, it is a life saver.  Take stock of your daily life, your family and work environments, isolating the faults you have and know so well.  You do not need a trick cyclist, (psychiatrist) to guide in what you already know, as long as you accept it!

This will take 14-30 days to be embedded into your daily lifestyle.  Just like a diet, it is not simple and we all fall off the track that we set ourselves.  Those around you will notice change before you do and accept their comments with no big fanfare, just continue on the track to your wished improvement.  

Trainers, managers, supervisors, CEO’s, owners, by embarking on this regime will enhance your life in all aspects.  Importantly your fellow workers and family will benefit as well and deserve. 

These are just not words...

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