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“I Am Too Busy For This” - “I Don’t Have Time!” You Will Regret These Comments When “When” Happens!

“I Am Too Busy For This” - “I Don’t Have Time!”
You Will Regret These Comments When “When” happens!
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group 

Tunnel vision, wearing blinkers and ignorance come to mind.  How many times can you ignore facts and events that are headlines and the talk of the water cooler?

Thievery, stealing, entering places that they shouldn't in be has been around since time began.  To come home and find that your space has been violated is the most gut wrenching feeling, to know that some stranger has been in your bedroom, bathroom, stolen your computer, X-box, televisions and the dog. 

Really, it is not that funny, because the money you have been spending every month on that alarm system did what? It told you that someone had broken in, it did not stop them or even frighten them when that obnoxious alarm went off.  The security center was informed electronically and then what did they do?  They called you to see if there was a problem!  Duh!

The next step, they informed the police that an issue was reported from your address.  Time has been ticking by, the thieves have left with your stuff and now the problems for you begin.  Clearing up the mess, you know they leave a mess, canceling bank cards, informing the insurance company and trying to remember what you had and what is missing is a nightmare!

Today, it is even simpler to violate your space!  Every one of us is connected, forget Six Degrees of Separation, that cable, phone or wireless connection has joined us all together, the Internet.

The thieves sit in comfortable chairs either at home, in a hacking commune or the local Starbucks unsociable café, where tattoos and metal studs are compulsory. They can get into your stuff from anywhere, even Mumbai or Moscow.

Hacking, Phishing and MITM (Man in the Middle) Brutal Attacks draw no boundaries, Fortune 500 companies, local independent outlets, Big Box department and electronic stores, manufacturing, restaurant chains, courier services, airlines, law enforcement data, government, county and city information and even your car are game and do not forget your Laptop, Desk PC or Mac, Tablet or Mobile phone.  

In fact, any Data in Motion is a Target!

It is exacerbated by the cost saving usage of your own laptop, tablet or smartphone, known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  Companies want to save money and being able to use your electronics saves a fortune, but comes with problems.

It is the personal “stuff” you store on the device and where you visit on the Web that can pick up viruses and infections which are transmitted to your connections if they have no protection in place.  Protection is simple, well in some cases for some of you, seriously you should not start on page 43 of the manual!

Life is not simple and security of your information is yours and yours alone. That is your brick wall, what others do to protect the information they have been supplied by you is their responsibility and you only hope they are good at doing that.

Socially life is a mess and in using social media they way most use it, you are a walking time bomb for a major issue.

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