Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Marx of a Man

The Marx of a Man
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Little Havana is cheering as most in Cuba are silent.  Still, the fear of Fidel Castro is maintained. 

The announcement of his death is being greeted globally in a mixed manner and since 1959 Fidel Castro gripped and crushed a people with his Marxist and Lenin ideology.  Going to Havana is going back in time as if the clocks just stopped.

Most Americans associate Cuba with Cigars, Rum, Communism and that place, 90 miles off the Florida Keys that is off limits.  The cigars were the ‘forbidden fruit’ and ruined decades ago with the planting of more sugar cane where tobacco leaves once grew.

I know my cigars and the influences from the soil, wind, and surroundings.  Castro even ruined the taste of a once great tobacco leaf.
With the last name ‘Ashton’ those that know cigars can imagine my favorite brand and leaf that burns inches from my nose with an aroma that is so exquisite. A taste of a true quality cigar.

Cuba has been cultivating a new breed of political puppets and now you will see the extended revolution bring forth more issues.  Not even the trade deal that has just been agreed upon will work whilst there is still a Castro in power and his sidekicks ready to step in and emulate Fidel.

The King of Communism is dead and a true deplorability continues with oppression, arrests, imprisonment and executions will be maintained by a sadistic island government, supported by the likes of Venezuela, Russia, and China.

The challenge of change is still upon us to have a ‘free’ island if that is ever possible.

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