Sunday, November 27, 2016

Note To Me and You, If You Wish - The Demanded CHANGE!

Trust & Respect M.I.A.

The Information Chain is beyond understanding when you have indecisive meeting after meeting.  What is it with making decisions with so many facts in the headlamps?

What the hell are you afraid of?  Society, the community you live in and are employed to protect and serve are falling apart every single day and it is getting worse and worse!  

How many more officers will be murdered or assaulted before you reach outside of your ranks?

It is not just you, it is a global virus of immense proportions. Do you want the ability to know what was going on the world, on your doorstep and how you can be proactive with facts and implementing the necessary change?

From the words on the streets, in the crime statistics and your own personal knowledge, we are failing when the ability to do better have been right in front of yours for decades!

Is it that you, law enforcement or government did not create the ability to have the solution? 

Is it that childish?

We are not talking solutions from some backstreet company of ill repute! 

WE are talking about former British and American law enforcement officers who are savvy, communicators, coaches and mentors who have the ability with:
  • Social Media Monitoring which is concise and compliant
  • Crime Analytics without confusion
  • Community Crime Mapping for public information
  • Predictive Analytics for your in-house analysts
  • Stop, Interview, Process with facial recognition
  • Acceptable Communicators
The importance of information is its shareability across all demarcation lines, local, regional, national and global all here NOW!

Stop wasting time and effort with a 'Go Fish' approach!

Time to stop the continuing and ineffective meetings after meetings. 

Converse with us and do what you would do in any investigation, examine the facts and fully understand what commercially is available from CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner.

Seize the day and the future return of Trust & Respect!

Do what you do best, ask questions and understand why we are so adamant that we have the answers and solutions!


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