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Law Enforcement Vehicle Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone Secure Wireless Access to Police Web-Portals For The Data In Motion Environment

Law Enforcement VEHICLE Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone SECURE WIRELESS ACCESS TO POLICE WEB-PORTALS For The Data In Motion Environment
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

It is a PROACTIVE approach that wins all the time...
The Five P Principle - Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! 

Being REACTIVE is a Deception, Distraction and a Delusion as You, are Always One Step Behind in Your Actions…

Wasting Time, Money and Re$ource$ You Can Ill Afford!

Hacking, Phishing and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers could care less who or what you, they just want your data and information, which is either used specifically by them or sold to the highest bidder.

Public Safety Departments worldwide are susceptible to computer attacks and the theft of vital and private information as anyone else or in fact, even more so!

With the reduction budgets, especially for law enforcement, which on average is 20% per department, holes, gaping holes within administration are being left wide open.  In the IT Department this is a totally unacceptable as it costs even more when you are dealing from a REACTIVE standpoint.

Protection of Data on the Move or in Motion is a Priority!

This video will explain more, both logically and technically.

Most wireless communication solutions are by nature, unsecure, not even to discuss the ever increasing data in motion threats when exchanging highly classified and private information.

In addition network coverage in some areas the operations take place, is not always available. As a result vital systems will be unable to work properly and become unresponsive due to absence of a network signal.

When the network signal is available again, traditional police systems need to be logged in again to get access, resulting in a daily loss of 8% of effective patrolling hours per police officer.

With KeyTalk short lived certificates the officers stay logged in for the duration of the certificate and when in reach, of a network connection, on-line data will be available automatically, saving time and frustration.

Due to KeyTalk’s certificate technology the car, laptop, tablet and or smartphone is identified and becomes trusted to connect to the web-portal positively, excluding Man in the Middle attacks.

Even using the right log in credentials no access is granted if the car, laptop, tablet and or smartphone is not known and therefore not trusted.

Secure your Data Streams with KeyTalk and effectively increase your budgets aptitude.   After all, why make more work and expense when PROACTIVELY, you will be ahead of the game!

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