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If You Don’t Protect the Corporate Board, Your Shareholders And Clients/Customers… You Become A Target!

If You Don’t Protect the Corporate Board, Your Shareholders And Clients/Customers…
You Become A target!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

When they chose the name Target for their stores it was a great idea, what do you think now?  They are the target in so many ways and from reports, their profits plummeted in the 4th quarter 2013 due to the hacking incident.  Which by the way did not have to happen! 

If the CEO, CFO or Trust & Security Director would return our calls we leave with the Gatekeepers, we want to resolve the issues and bring back the Trust to Target for their Shoppers and their Profit margins!. 

Seriously, Key Talk is the answer.

If they were using Key Talk for their Data in Motion, would have never occurred.  Their Vendor’s password, which was hacked and stolen, would have never happened the way it did.  Theft from a refrigeration company, they got hacked and their Target Vendor password was stolen and then used to place malicious software in their main data servers.  A cold thought, so to speak.  I called them, but Joe has never returned my call, I am still waiting to assist them.

I believe the following words and video helps in understanding our philosophy:

The Keeper of Data and Other People's Personal Information, Has Solid Obligations To Protect At All Costs!  That is YOU, not just the IT Department!

It Is Data on the Move Or In-Transit That Is At Its Most Vulnerable.  The swiping of a bank card initiates a data flow there and back and it must be protected.

Look, Passwords Are Human Keys and It Is the Importance of Securing the Log-in Without Human Intervention That Key Talk Developed and Uses Successfully for our clients. 

Humans Make Errors, This Is the Reason Data Doors Are Left Open For Hackers, Phishers and Man In The Middle Brutal Attacks!

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Is Not Only Possible With KeyTalk, It Is Welcomed With Open Secured Arms.  That means using your devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones securely.

We Shut The Front Door and the Back Door!  Stopping the human error factor for Data in Motion.

It is simple, secure and common sense, is it not?

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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