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Wake Up!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Fixing Computer Security for Data in Motion is so simple and extremely inexpensive than clearing up the mess.  Sadly many cannot see the wood for the trees! 

It seems most are oblivious to what is available and why we desperately need to change how we protect our information, from the Data in Motion aspect, which is the majority and make our connections secure.

A Password to gain access is WRONG, you cannot trust just a password.  

The log-in system on a SaaS application has no idea who has typed it in. Is that really the true owner? It is open season on passwords!

We must have a trusted computer DNA, that is, the device, Desktop PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Mobile Phone as the token, not a person typing one in for access.  It could be anyone who has stolen the password and then using it to access the data.

It is all about a secure connection!

Netflix, Spotify, Sales Force databases and the like, who rely solely on a password log-in are giving their customers/clients a false sense of security. 

They are unsafe, unstable and insane to still being used!  It is not their fault, it is the way we have been doing it since the Internet got so popular.

Anything that is a SaaS software applications is a dire risk.  When you have any Data in Motion or In-Transit it is there for the taking.  It is the Hackers delight!

Just ask Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Sears, Barclays Bank, Salesforce solutions, and the others that will not admit they have been hacked and abused.

The education system, including universities, colleges, training facilities and school districts all are major risks.  They are all low hanging fruit and easy pickings to hacker armies.

330,000 + social security numbers stolen through hacking from the University of Maryland, 146,000 + records accessed at Indiana University and more every single day by computer terrorists.  They say there are 360,000,000 stolen records and counting up for sale as we speak!

Students are not the savviest individuals and have not yet developed the life experience and are gullible to hacking, phishing and man in the middle brutal attacks.

Retail is a serious problem, no matter whether you swipe your card in a Big Box Store, on-line or even over the telephone, the chance of hacking is massive.  It includes any transaction that uses a bank card!  A magnetic card with a pin number security is so outdated and needs revision now!

It is not IF you are going to be hacked, it is WHEN!

Corporate vendor databases are all password driven and as the hacking of Target showed, one was stolen and then used to place the software thievery within Target's system.  The rest is history and will continue…  

Just look at the loss of 46% profit for Target in the 4th quarter and the ongoing expense for Credit Protection for their hacked customers.

The operators of these applications are letting you down and making the personal information vulnerable for theft.  Your concerns must be directed at all that are operating computer systems where your information is at risk.

The message is clear, it is a major problem 
and we must all wake up!

Now, do not attack the messenger, KEYTALK, has a truthful and strong message that computer security is unsafe. 

KEYTALK has the solution, proven over and over again and available in a very cost effective fashion.  The installation with existing system is simple and then the management is even simpler.

Penetration tests, performed by the ethical hackers of the NCC Group, proved beyond any doubt that KeyTalk's product lives up to its security claims.

NCC Group (LSE: NCC) is an information assurance firm headquartered in Manchester, England. Its service areas cover software escrow and verification, security testing, audit and compliance, and website performance and software testing. NCC Group has over 15,000 clients worldwide.

KEYTALK will allow your IT departments to be Proactive on the work they should be doing.  Not Reactive and always behind the problem.

Corporate America, your customers/clients, databases and corporate information deserves to be protected with a secure connection, not some silly password that gets passed around and you do not know who is using it.

Below are videos that you can view and 
understand our secure connections solution.

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