Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It Is Not What You Say, It What Is Written, Stored And An Extremely Valuable Asset Of Us All!

It Is Not What You Say, It What Is Written, Stored And An Extremely Valuable Asset Of Us All!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

The News Again Yesterday regarding a new Android Mobile Phone, The Black-Phone From Silent Circle Is Only Dealing With Phone Calls and For An Extra Subscription, You Can Have Outside Your Circle Text Messaging with Security As Well.  

It is Not About What You Say, It Is About What is Written, Stored Corporately, Interconnected Personal Information.  

Listening In to Mobile Phone Calls Is Required In Association To Terrorism. Which In Turn Leads To The Written Word.  

Data is accessed By Hackers, Phishers & Man In The Middle Brutal Attackers 94% of the Time, In Relation To Voice. 

Data, It is Physical, Touchable and Extremely Valuable!

KeyTalk Is Not a Silent Circle and Restricted to Mobile Phone Calls & Text Security, We Do Not Want To Sell You a New Mobile Phone.

KeyTalk, Protects You From Who Wants Your Data! 

Let NSA's Listening Posts Utter Silent Screams, Whilst KeyTalk Protects the Important Matters, DATA

We Are A Dutch Company and Now In The USA, With A Successful Track Record...

Oh, We Work On The Majority of Existing Mobile Smart Phones, Desktop PC/Mac, Laptops and Tablets.

Straight Talking, Key Talking… KEYTALK!

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