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Do You View Life, Business, Other’s Success And Information In A Positive Or Negative Light?

Do You View Life, Business, Other’s Success And Information In A Positive Or Negative Light?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Life is full of unsocial curmudgeons, detractors and those that see black when you see white.  They can never see the wood for the tress when standing in a forest. These are the same people who never invoke the security on their Wi-Fi router and hacked, blaming their Internet provider.

These are the same people who, seeing something that has a positive effective, proven and absolutely useful, knock the crap out of it, in the most negative way.  Basically wanting to goad the successful creators to reacting, and we do!

I remember when, in 1976, I invested in my first venture into technology, a computer company.  Friends told that machines will never take over or be useful.  They even used that wonderful expression, “it will do what?”  Back then, it was like buying a car but there was nothing to fuel it.  All the hardware you wanted but no software programming, we had to start from scratch and we did successfully!

Bringing it forward 38 years, which have been tumultuous in terms of what we now do with the computer and the good and bad effects that are spoken about each day and what do we have?  Great products, opportunities and then absolute morons who want what we have worked for and they want it for free!  This is after all the Information Age, and all of us have information and data that is of great value stored on our devices.

We are all connected by the Internet, yes, you are connected on a personal level to Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams, David Cameron, Vladimir Putin.  Business wise, Warren and Jimmy Buffet, Netflix, E-Bay, the CEO of the company you work for and the government.  The connection is, we all have stuff that needs protecting from the bad guys, the Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers.

Through Linked In and other sources, our successful group of companies that we work with, introduced to America and the rest of the world, to KEYTALK.  Not new, in fact over twenty years old, working away in Europe protecting corporate data. 

No, not encryption, which is so over used by so many.  What is it? It is a secure connection, an unbreachable bomb-proof tube that connections and transfers end to end enterprise data in motion.

Paranoia has set in and everyone is nuts about what needs to be encrypted. 

Most of what is transmitted in our social lives does need 007 encrypted transmission!  If you do, we encrypt the connection at all levels, 4096 bytes and beyond.  Secure enough?

What has amazed us on both sides of the pond is how we have been challenged on what exactly we have perfected in data security for us all.  Not just for business, for all us and the dark secrets we all hold or wished we held!

Those in Data World, which is Kevin Costner’s new movie, the IT Department people are doubters for one simple reason, they look too deep into the effect and process.  Even when you explain, without informing of the actual science behind it, which is patented and proprietary information, they still are not understanding.

Why can’t people accept that what we say, is what we say and it works?

So, to some questions we are asked, here are some examples:

“Why are we all wanting to make it so complicated is this easy to install?

When the device Desktop PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Mobile Phone are trusted, a password is not needed anymore. KeyTalk takes a DNA from your device based on a minimum of 12 or up to 17 components. When the device is known, a key, a (short lived certificate) is sent to your device automatically when needed to complete the transaction. When the transaction is done, the key will disappear. With the key, a 2 way SSL is setup for a 100% hack free connection. Because the keys are distributed automatically. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is unbeatable!”

So how is this setup in the first place? 

“It is simple, when a user is connecting to a source or company the first time, he or she have to register his or her credentials as always. After the user is approved, a confirmation mail or letter is sent including a URL or otherwise to connect to the KeyTalk server.

When connecting; KeyTalk immediately will secure this communication sending a temporary certificate before pulling the Device’s DNA. This by the way is an automatic procedure.

Once the DNA is stored in “HASHES”, the device, therefore the user, is trusted until the user will be deleted. The administration is able to configure the certificate on duration and rights to build a tailored private CA.

Only the user and the administration knows the KeyTalk window set and for how long it will be operational. This way we were able to pull device DNA’s from 60,000 devices in less than two hours for the European Military. This same procedure works for Machine to Machine as well!”

Where is the server?

The KeyTalk server is anywhere you want it to be, off premise or on premise, virtual or physical. The Device DNA of the at least 10 to 17 components is stored in Hashes and therefore unreadable and unusable for others.

We only store the hashes, no data. The KeyTalk keys are sent to the trusted device to set up a secure connection between client and server and the data in motion is protected by our patented encryption layers. This is bomb-proof tube that is the end to end enterprise data in motion.  The authentication is done based on the devices stored components. The user can use any authentication system to get access to log on to our KeyTalk front end which can be embedded in an app or application using our SDK.

The local device does not store a hash because the components are already in! To hack the system you need the user authentication plus the device otherwise you will not get any connection or transaction started. All of this is completed fully automatically, with practically zero management.

The NCC Group in Europe tested KEYTALK and it passed and performed as stated to full satisfaction in 2013.

NCC Group (LSE: NCC) is an information assurance firm headquartered in Manchester. Its service areas cover software escrow and verification, security testing, audit and compliance, and website performance and software testing. NCC Group tests worldwide."

  • All corporate enterprise data transportation in a total secure environment, including:
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own device)
  • Standard information
  • Emails
  • Statistics, facts, figures
  • Financial information, including bank card transactions from Point of Sale (POS) or online
  • Vendor password database access
  • Any SaaS Application
  • Loyalty Programs (Retail, Hotel etc.)
  • Law Enforcement field inquiry and returned results
  • Military devices (including UAV)
  • Ability to use in a Public Hot Spot or Hotel environment securely and anonymously

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