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They Are Looking In Your Bathroom Cabinet, The Drawers of The Dresser In Your Bedroom And Tell Me, How Do Really You Feel About This?

They Are Looking In Your Bathroom Cabinet, The Drawers of 
The Dresser In Your bEdroom And Tell Me, 
How Do Really You Feel About This?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

It is just knowing that they have been in your space, your home, castle, it has been seriously violated. It is that they had the audacity to do so.  How dare they! 

We scream, or some do, about the rape of man or woman, molestation of a child and the knowledge that these people are allowed to exist in our society that is an ever increasing spiral of insanity.

It is not just anti-social, it is depraved!  Crime is crime no matter how you look at it.

Then there are the other lowlife morons who are entering your life without your knowledge and are as degenerate and sick.  Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers of your extreme personal information and life.

This is even more personal than you think!  Let us look first at what these excuses for human beings are doing to corporate data and the information they steal.  Yes, criminally stealing other people’s property, stuff!

We have accelerated to solely using the Internet, hard drivers and servers to store information.  Accounting, profiles, facts, trends, patents, formulas, the inner most secrets that use to be filed away in metal storage cabinets with a lock on it.  Now, it is in the “Cloud”, hidden on servers in concrete buildings in various places on the global.  Supposedly secure!

Founders, CEO’s, Presidents, Chairman, VP’s and worker bees believe that because it is on these devices, it is all safe and tucked away from any thief who could break into the building. 


You see, there is this wire and wireless connections, the backbone of today’s communications, which is connected to virtually every business, home, school, and university/research organization in the world.  Think about it, you are connected to Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon and President Putin. 

I think you get the picture and realize the interconnections, in fact, every computer thief is connected to you too and has abilities to unlock your darkest secrets, any time they want, unless you have taken precautions!

A question, do you have locks on your front and back door of your home?  Is there a lock on the garden shed?  Maybe you think more of the lawn mower, snow blower and bag of mulch than you do of your personal stuff or corporate inside information that you sweated over, created and is your lifeblood.

The majority of people carry a mobile phone which is nothing more than a computer and is used as a communicator via telephone calls, text messages, emails, surfing and extracting information from the web, games, those photographs we all take and never look at again and YouTube videos. That is one heck of a lot of information sliding through your fingers, eyes and mind on a daily basis. 

The trouble is, because most do not install basic security measures it is open to others as well.  It goes further than that, programming codes are needed to operate your devices and these lists of zeroes and ones can be rearranged like a jigsaw puzzle and used by others.  Stealing your information is a crime and it seems the majority don’t understand or even care.

We are looking for Trust and Security in all of our lives and believe it or not in most corporations there is a person in charge of that when it comes to computers and information services.  You folks need to be having a conversation on this matter and see how we can stop you being reactive and become proactive!

On a personal level, when a corporation is hacked and infiltrated, the information stolen includes passwords, credit/debit card information and that alone disrupts our lives.  Once you have been informed, if it ever takes place in a timely fashion, it is the hassle of reporting the theft, replacing bank cards, changing passwords and watching you bank account for spurious charges on your account meticulously.

Why do you have to go through this nightmare?  If the corporation, Cloud provider, university/school/college, medical facility, retailer, restaurant chain or online shopping website had competent security in the first place, you would not have to go through this.

Data is valuable and more valuable than gold or diamonds.  

Last week Key Talk spoke with a worldwide sales software company regarding security of their servers and clients information which is accessible via SaaS (Software as a service), sometimes referred to as "on-demand software" supplied by ISVs or "Application-Service-Providers" (ASPs), is a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. SaaS is typically accessed by users using a thin client (password) via a web browser. SaaS has become a common delivery model for many business applications, including Office & Messaging software, client and data information storage.  

SaaS has been incorporated into the strategy of all leading enterprise software companies. One of the biggest selling points for these companies is the potential to reduce IT support costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support to the SaaS provider.

They believed that they were secure and would not be a target for hacking. 

Guess what?  They just got hacked! 

The hacker is a terrorist and looking for the low hanging fruit to attack first.  Just like any sales company does, which is the easiest sale to make first.  They have to be sought out and stopped by gathering information and chatter on the streets of who is doing what to who and having the barricades and weaponry to stop them dead in their tracks.

KEYTALK has that ability and has been proven to be a success for over twenty years in Europe.  Our patented, proprietary software solution is working every single microsecond of the day, enabling secure connections for all data in motion.

Let us introduce and simply explain the established KEYTALK Solution:

KeyTalk is a convenient highly secure solution which helps protecting your IT infrastructure, whether a stand-alone network or in a Cloud, against advanced Internet and network based threats. Though considered by many as a break-through innovation in the application and industrialization of PKI based technology, it’s still based on the highest security standards thus compatible with any network, just with less overhead, cost and management effort.


With KeyTalk, laptops, tablets and smartphones (and their owners) you trust, can securely connect their device to your target server over any non-secure network (Public Hot Spot) or Internet environment.

All it requires is your server trusting your KeyTalk instance as a trusted source and you are good to go.

KeyTalk protects your online community’s data-in-motion against Man-in-the-Middle and Phishing attacks. Based on our patented automated distribution for short lived client certificates, your users transfer data to your servers and the Cloud from their KeyTalk identified trusted laptops, tablets and smartphones using state-of-the-art daily changing encryption keys at virtual zero management.


KeyTalk seamlessly integrates into your existing network infrastructure. As a result no data needs to be replicated making life for your Administrator a lot easier. And by automating the certificate issuance and installation process no user actions are required.

There are two video overviews below, the first is a KeyTalk overview and costing, the second, a more technical overview of the system as we know your IT department will have questions.

Product Benefits

•        Provides advanced application and network protection for changing      threats including Phishing, Man-in-the-Middle and Brute Force attacks
•        Enables a wide range of secure branch- and remote-access options
•        Streamlines security administration and lowers management cost
•        Makes federated identity a reality
•        Digital signing
•        Machine to machine usage
•        Corporate laptop & smartphone usage
•        Works with most VPN and Firewalls

KEYTALK Technical Overview:

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