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You Prepare For Bad Weather, Including Hurricanes, Snow Storms and Flooding, What Are You Doing About Computer Hacking, Phishing, Brutal Attacks & The Theft of Data & Personal Information About YOU?

You Prepare For Bad Weather, Including Hurricanes, Snow Storms and Flooding, What Are You Doing About Computer Hacking, Phishing, Brutal Attacks & The Theft of Data & personal Information About YOU?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

It seems not a lot!

How can you be comfortable in allowing terroristic strangers steal from you?  

The personal protection of your computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets is extremely easy to do and the majority of the public have no security whatsoever and dumb passwords! 

The steps to have protection of your extremely personal information is straight forward and only takes less than thirty minutes to complete.

Your government, local, city, national, the bank, restaurants, shops you purchase from in person and online have the ability to stop these Hackers, Phishers, Man in the Middle Brutal Attacks from ever reaching you on a personal level. 

In fact, anywhere you allow the access through your bank/debit card to your lifeblood, money and information.  You are at high risk and are not challenging the security of anyone! 

They maybe complying to so called standards, but that was yesterdays rules!

The Internet is the greatest communications tool since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.  Back then, you had a party line and an operator who listened into you calls.  What they gleaned was only local gossip from your mouth to their ears and only became local gossip.

Today, it is all around the world in milliseconds and into the wrong hands!

The latest security issues include Forbes, Kick Starter and a myriad of small/medium companies and it goes on every minute of the day.  Many have no idea they have been hacked and their information is being sold all around the world right now.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times run a business story:

No quick solution to payment card hacking. 

Their byline was “Payment card hacking may get worse as new chip technology and other measures take time to develop, experts say. The U.S. is a prime target because of its reliance on magnetic strips.


Sorry, I have to shout this from the highest hill!  Even if I live on the flat land.

It is not often that you have the answer and implementable immediately!

What does it cost?  Literally per device as much as an Abe Lincoln per month, yes five dollars or much less with volume!

You cannot afford not to apply this solution that has been working for over twenty years in Europe, with our team keeping ahead of the computer terrorists.

In the article it stated, “Security experts fret that failure to act could threaten consumer trust in the plastic cards that drive the national economy.”

"This has the potential for people to question the viability of our payment system," said Venky Ganesan, a venture capitalist with Menlo Ventures, who focuses on cybersecurity investments. "If people lose faith in the payments system, you're going to have the economy gum up."

“Last year, nearly 70 billion payments, worth about $4 trillion, were made with credit, debit and prepaid cards in the U.S., according to industry tracker Nilson Report.

The Target breach was a stark reminder of just how vulnerable those plastic cards are.”

KeyTalk has been saving millions from the problems in Europe and is now available worldwide.  Since the Target incident, KeyTalk has now made available the solution, especially in the USA.

We will not apologize for making this a marketing information article. 

This is so important for the protection of personal information, corporate data and major cost and time hassles.

KeyTalk is a convenient highly secure solution which helps protect your IT infrastructure, whether a stand-alone network or in a Cloud, against advanced Internet and network based threats.

Though considered by many as a break-through innovation in the application and industrialization of PKI based technology, it's still based on de-facto security standards thus compatible with any network, just with less overhead, cost and management effort.

Product Benefits

•        Provides advanced application and network protection for changing      threats including Phishing, Man-in-the-Middle and Brute Force attacks
•        Enables a wide range of secure branch- and remote-access options
•        Streamlines security administration
 and lowers management cost
•        Makes federated identity a reality
•        Digital signing
•        Machine to machine usage
•        Corporate laptop, tablet & smartphone usage

ONLINE APPLICATIONS, including credit/debit cards

Users normally access online applications using username and password only and sometimes biometric or two factor authentication is used. This only “proofs” the user but does not secure the connection offering cyber criminals an opportunity to interfere.

KeyTalk protects your online community’s data-in-motion against Man-in-the-Middle and Phishing attacks. Based on our patented automated distribution for short lived client certificates, your users transfer data to your servers and the Cloud from their KeyTalk identified trusted devices using state-of-the-art daily changing encryption keys at virtual zero management.  This includes the POS (Point of Sale) application in person or online.

KeyTalk delivers a unified architecture for perimeter, internal and web based access control, based on the industry standard X.509 digital certificates.


With KeyTalk devices (and their owners) you trust, you can securely connect their device to your target server over any non-secure network or Internet environment.

This even means Public Hotspots!

All it requires is your server trusting your KeyTalk instance as a trusted source and you are good to go.


KeyTalk seamlessly integrates into your existing network infrastructure. As a result no data needs to be replicated making life for your Admin a lot easier. And by automating the certificate issuance and installation process no user actions are required.


  • At first connection and or registration the user is checked against the existing authentication databases like AD/LDAP/RADIUS
  • If user exist or approved KeyTalk automatically takes the device DNA to store on the KeyTalk server in HASHES
  • Once stores KeyTalk will sent a short lived client certificate to the trusted device
  • Receiving the client certificate user connects to the application server
  • The application server will trust the device due to the certificate and will grant the user access
  • A 2 SSL connection is set up using several layers of encryption protecting the privacy of the device/user
  • User does not have to use a token and or other authentication method because the device is seen as trusted

Companies who choose a Public Key Infrastructure usually do so for security reasons.

A full blown PKI is simply a bridge too far for most companies but the level of security is still required.

KeyTalk fills this gap between PKI and regular multi-factor authentication by providing short lived certificates. Its similar technology compared to PKI, but without the huge overhead created by user certificate issuance, management and revocation lists.

KeyTalk PKI Infrastructure

  • Short lived X.509 certificates, an industry standard since 1988
  • A-Symmetric encryption keys (RSA 2048+ bit keys, ECC 224+ bit keys)
  • Private Certificate Authority instead of a Public CA
  • No need for Certificate Revocation Lists due to short lived certificates
  • Authentication/authorization
  • Automatic enrollment
  • Digital Signing
TCO KeyTalk

KeyTalk PKI infrastructure from $60 operational cost per user per year against $191-$238 per user per year traditional PKI

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