Thursday, March 20, 2014

Action In Motion – Asset Information Management with Full Chain of Custody!

 Action In Motion – Asset Information Management

This is a unique web/cloud based 
Asset Information Management Solution Platform

Real Time Incident/Event Management Visual Information
  • Fresh Eyes
  • Real Time – Any Time – Anywhere
  • Directly To Your Server
  • Date/Time/GPS Location
  • Secure Evidence Chain

Using a range of devices (mobile phones, tablets and laptops) the AIM Solution is a comprehensive, but simple to operate, completely automated software system for uploading captured Data (audio/video clips and images), which automatically incorporates details of date, time, GPS location and originator of the Data – essentially turning mobile devices into a “live” stream to your server, creating a Chain of Evidence.

The AIM Solution, sits on a windows Internet based server, with a secure password log-in requirement.  

It also has KEYTALK, the Secure DNA Connection. 

AIM was developed, by a team of retired police officers and computer security specialists. 

It enables Authorized and Trusted Users to have real time access to transmitted Data, to view, monitor and manage incidents and events throughout their duration.

Utilizing sophisticated search tools, the AIM Solution enables the transmitted Data (Videos/Images) stored on your servers, to be searched under the same parameters (date, time, GPS location and originator) and for that Data (Videos/Images) to be shared with all Authorized/Trusted Users and, where applicable, clients as well.

Imagine the possibilities of having the equivalent of multiple hand held mobile cameras at a location of an event or incident, whereby “live” Data of (audio/video/images) can be streamed to and from those at the scene to a central control center and other devices at the event.  Even link into existing CCTV and record on law enforcement’ servers

The Data can assist with the co-ordination of responses commensurate to deal with the event or incident; provide “live” recording and playback facilities; sharing the Data “live” across a range of ‘authorized/trusted’ users and provide irrefutable evidence (with full chain of command) of the circumstances of the event or incident so as to ensure its admissibility in any subsequent criminal and or civil court proceedings.

Imagine a paramedic at the scene of an accident can now transmit advance photographs/video of the injured person’s injuries direct to the hospital, as on-site treatment is being carried out and before the injured party is moved.  The ER Department or Doctors surgery/hospital consultant can guide from afar as to appropriate treatment.

A wide spectrum of organizations, including, facilities management, insurance industry and the construction industries, where “live” Data (audio/video /images) can be transmitted to a PC ‘back at the office’, stored on your servers with date/time/GPS location, where it can be used for a wide range of day to day functions such as carrying out and recording risk assessments, documentation of work schedules and contract compliance, monitoring the delivery and handling of materials, monitoring of Health and Safety compliance etc. Or, for the management of a sporting event to have an on-site temporary event management communications system.

The transmitted Data (images/audio/video) can be forwarded to another organizations' FTP server, thus enabling them to use their own (API) to integrate the Data into their own platform.

This is the most secure transmission of data, (video/audio/images).  KEYTALK is your secure connection.

You can still use the password, but what is really allowing you to enter the system is your devices DNA, this authorizes you and knows you are a trusted device.

You are then transmitting in a secure bullet resistant connection, even in Hotspots, you are anonymous and secure.

Real Time Solutions for Industry
  • Accident Investigation
  • Paramedics
  • Police Officers
  • District Nurses
  • Security Officers
  • Loss Prevention
  • Construction Work
  • Fire Department
  • Health and Safety
  • Insurance Risk Assessors

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