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How Real Is The Threat To Your Corporate & Personal Information?

How Real Is The Threat To
Your Corporate & Personal Information?
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Unless you have been in a cave in the depths of Utah or a member of a Pot Club in Colorado, you should have been very aware that Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers have been extremely busy and very successful in accessing and stealing data.

You though must be securing your own computers, including your Smart Mobile Phones.  Malware protection is available and the best free product is from Microsoft.

Cyber-Terrorism, hacking, has been going on for decades and suddenly the increase was felt on a vast personal basis when the retail chain, Target suffered, as their customers the brunt of a full force cyber terror attack.  It is stated that 70-140 million records were stolen from their database.  One is too many and Target believe they were secure, they relied on their IT department be their frontline protection.  Obviously, they did not do enough and think that they can handle internally.

Universities and our youth is under attack and the Duke University was HACKED and then announced they had taken precautions and all was well.  It was not, the next day HACKED AGAIN!

I can assure you that for all commerce, education facilities and the protection of clients and customers, KEYTALK has a solid answer and solution.

After all, KEYTALK has been protecting data on the move for over twenty years plus, so someone had to know!

You notice, we are not stating that this what happened.  Is it possible, yes, feasible, yes!

The door is wide open on any computer system for compromise and serious consequences.  Not just the hacking of Target, who were the bull’s-eye for being the center of customer data and information theft of up to 140 million records of their customers.

Can this be rectified quickly, effectively and not cost prohibitive?

It is all about a secure connection.  We are using passwords for this, passwords for that, pin numbers and they are all created by humans.  Created by humans and stolen by lowlife humans!

Our philosophy is simple, make the device (Server, Desktop PC/Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Mobile Phone) the access point.  The devices DNA is the Key, hence KEYTALK.

We create a bomb-proof tube that is the connection, all data in motion that travels is 100% secure.  The log on is a short lived certificate, which is encrypted beyond the normal encryption level used in government or banking.  Once verified, it becomes a direct connection to do its business.  Nothing of this connection, once completed, is left on the originators device whatsoever.

Corporations can use this for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with the security that pleases even the IT Department.  In fact, you can use this connection via a hotel or public hotspot without being seen whatsoever.  Anonymously sending information and the hacker has no idea that you are doing so.

So, today we talking with our client to expand his usage and you, can also call us and please understand, we have the answer.

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