Wednesday, April 9, 2014

25% of The World’s Computers Are Xpeed!

25% of The World’s Computers Are Xpeed!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Yesterday was not such a good day for many of the computer networks that run the nation’s electric power, oil and gas, water, chemical, and other vital systems dubbed “critical infrastructure” – it was the day Microsoft’s popular but increasingly antiquated Windows XP operating system becomes permanently vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Really nothing has changed because most systems in these and the retail trade use the WinXP operating system as their cash register and never install the updates anyway!

It also means a new cyber-security challenges for millions of individuals and companies worldwide that still rely on the 12-year-old WinXP system to get their daily work done.  It means they have no shoulder to cry on or call up for help.

Of course XP will continue to work.  But Microsoft’s declaration means an end to free patching for XP that will make it far easier for hackers, who will no longer need to constantly develop new malicious software to penetrate more than a quarter of all the computers on the planet.

The harshest challenge is faced by critical infrastructure “enterprise asset owners” who rely on XP computers to run the industrial control systems that regulate the power grid, refineries, chemical plants, and other utilities and industries vital to the world’s economic prosperity. As it happens, many of these industrial users rarely if ever patch their WinXP work-station computers anyway – and they see no need to start now!

It seems, no it is a fact, people and business are just assisting the Hackers, Phishers and the Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers is stealing their data and supposed secure information.  Nothing like helping the cyber-terrorists!

Shutting the front and back door is important and one company can assist you in just that.  

KEYTALK is the secure connection for all your data in motion for end to end security.  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is no longer an issue.  Bring them all!

Computers talking to computers, which is machine to machine, is automatic with KEYTALK and it is like using a secure bullet resistant tube to connect, no one can see you are there, you are invisible and anonymous.  The Public or Hotel Wi-Fi Hotspot is secure using KEYTALK.

This is just one solution from CommSmart US, a very important one, which can stop you being so concerned about XP.

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