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The Four Horsemen To Stop The Cyber Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen To
Stop The Cyber Apocalypse
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

This is not just an attention grabbing headline!  The state of warfare on your privileged information is heating up and our defense mechanisms must kick in. 

Stop relying on others to do something about it! 

Computers, data, information is not in a metal fireproof filing cabinet anymore.  Never has there been so many people worldwide, been so interested in you and what information you have on your Smart Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC, Mac or your computer servers.

It is not that they want to be your best buddy, it is what you have stored on your computers is worth billions of dollars collectively for them.  

It is worse than Charles Dickens’s Fagan from Oliver Twist, with his trained pickpockets. 

These cyber-terrorists work in groups 24/7, 365 days a year, working on how they will induce you to open an email, send corporate information on an unsecured connection.  Yes, they rely on the mistakes humans make every single moment of the day.

These can be stopped and has to be!  The mistakes you make affect us all!  After all, we all connected through the Internet!

So who are these Four Horsemen, so to speak?

CommSmart US

KEYTALK your secure, anonymous Internet connection.  Even in a Public Hotspot!  It does not rely on a password, but you can use one, even your token system for corporate connections. 

Passwords and tokens do not tell the system who is using these methods as anyone could have access to them.  KEYTALK uses Device DNA, components of the device you are using that has been initially authorized by your IT department. Totally secure and cost effective.

Action In Motion (AIM) is your means from the palm of your hand to use “live” video, audio and image transmission to your back-end servers with GPS Location, date, Time and Originator identity stamped on the file.  This is a total Chain of Evidence and already a president has been set in the U.K. Court system with the Crown Prosecution Services
With Action In Motion you have so many attributes in securing information from a scene or event.  A Protest Rally you can now have officers among the crowd using their Smart Mobile Phone to take pictures, just like the rest of the people.  The difference, it is transmitting “live” to your Command HQ and to other officers in the same area, who receive on their mobile phone.  Instant surveillance in the palm of your hand with a Smart Mobile Phone or Tablet.

DocUmatic – SceneDoc is the closest you will to the paperless society.  Already in use with law enforcement in the USA and Canada.

Our secure platform, SceneDoc is a smartphone/ tablet-based mobile solution that provides a variety of law enforcement personnel a highly secure, accurate and consistent means of documenting scenes and cataloging evidence.
Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry, SceneDoc ensures unparalleled data security and integrity via cloud-based and on premise deployment models.

DocUmatic is for use with any system, including Enforcement Agents/Process Servers for all documentation.  This ensures the progress of paperwork from the courts to the final sale of goods.

Secure Comms


Secure Comms w24 mobile multi-channel router solution is an enabler for critical applications where broadband connectivity is a must. Where reliable connectivity and the highest possible availability is needed. Typically, such applications are:
  • Public Safety Security (Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Fire, EMS)
  • Rail and Road Transportation
  • Industry Focused applications
  • Healthcare
Finally, making your vehicle or mobile HQ, a total connectivity super hub! 
Your communications will have never been so available, direct or productive.

As they say on those advertisements, “wait there is more”, a 1000 foot (300 m.) Wi-Fi Hotspot available for those that are trusted.  Enabling a change in devices, we now use various size tablets and smart phones and all can be in communications and on top of all that matters, with data, video, audio and images, all in the palm of your hand. 

Yes Progress… with CommSmart.  

All the four horsemen work together and separately to provide you the security and solutions your need and demand.

KEYTALK is the underlying solution for all corporate end to end, data in motion and is part of all our solutions.

These are the Four Horsemen that ride at the forefront of cyber terrorism solutions

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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