Thursday, April 24, 2014

It Is Too Late When They Have Wormed Their Way In!

It Is Too Late When They Have Wormed Their Way In!
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

It is the Total Recall of events that is desperately required by all.  Knowing the enemy, documenting events, having the knowledge that in all you do regarding communications and information transference, is secure from prying ears and eyes.

The deliverance of secure information, video, audio, images, a paperless solution with 100% connectivity and conductivity in a society that is unstable is the capability of CommSmart US.

Business, companies and people have changed, not for the better, so our protectionism must be heightened.  It is no good thinking you are secure, it is in the KNOWING That It Is A Fact!

People talk, giveaway too much information.  It is not just humans, machines, computers do exactly the same thing, they talk too much to people and machines they don’t even know.

Just because it is a machine, a CCTV system, an ATM, VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephone system or a satellite/cable television box sitting next to your Smart TV, they talk, are connected and accessible by dubious characters.

We as humans are predictable and leave breadcrumbs to be sucked up by others that wish us ill.  Nasty little bastards that want what you have worked hard for.  They want what you have and will go to extremes to remove it from you, at illegal any cost!

So the next time you take that telephone call on your Smart Mobile Phone or send corporate data/information, even with your Tablet, Laptop or Desktop PC/Mac, think who else is on your line!

A little advice, before you send out access to your whole life’s story, do some thinking…

Do Some Straight Talking…
Do Some Key Talking…

We are worldwide CommSmart US, we listen, action and secure all you have been insecurely doing in the past. 

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